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If you work with location intelligence, you know the problem isn’t finding information. It’s getting the right information in the right place to help you make the right decisions.

Make sense of it all by tapping into a living library of our changing planet: the DigitalGlobe ecosystem. More than just Earth information, it provides the fact-based context you need to find the answers to your organization’s most challenging geospatial questions.

The DigitalGlobe

It’s not a thing... it’s everything.

And you’re a part of it.

From the everyday... the truly extraordinary.

The possibilities are infinite.

The world is changing quickly. What used to be science fiction is now reality.


How the ecosystem works

Tap into the DigitalGlobe ecosystem to access smart tools, smarter people and the most comprehensive library of imagery and information about our changing planet.

We assemble the best multisource geospatial content available.

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Our data — Collected by our own constellation of satallites and sourced from our massive image library.

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Your data — That you’ve collected in the course of business.

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Third party data — Collated from trusted partners and open sources.

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Cloud computing then transforms raw the data into valuable datasets.

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Tools and algorithms empower extraction of information at a massive scale.

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Machine learning and artificial intelligence create location intelligence from raw information.

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Validation is performed by our teams of experts via crowsourcing platforms.

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You get the answers and insights you need to solve your business challenges.

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What is built at this address?

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How has this location changed over time?

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How do humans interact with this landscape?

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What level of risk is associated with this location?

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What lies below the ground at this location?

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And like any true ecosystem, its outputs are also its inputs...

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so it’s constantly learning, getting smarter, deeper, better.

Success Stories

UBER looks to the skies for better passenger pickups.

DigitalGlobe stereo imagery optimizes wireless network design.

Nigeria modernizes outdated maps with unprecedented accuracy.

Facebook relies on DigitalGlobe to help connect the world.

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