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  • 08.04.15

    High-Resolution Imagery & Digital Elevation for Oil Shale Development

    The volatile nature of the energy markets demands companies to look inward to their operations and make wise decisions. Today’s webinar will focus on how to save significant costs by improving efficiencies using imagery and DEMs to reduce the timeline of site construction, reduce the cost of design and construction, and to improve efficiency and maximize profits.
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    By: Julie Parker, DigitalGlobe Vice-President Energy Solutions
  • 06.29.15

    How Will the Google Maps Changes Affect Your Workflow?

    In January 2016, access to Google Maps basemaps through Google Maps Engine will be discontinued. Listen to this webinar to learn: 1) what does this change mean to Google Maps engine users or anyone using Google Basemaps at work, 2) what options are available to access Google Maps within your existing workflow and 3) the difference between consumer and professional basemaps with specific examples.
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    By: Brett Marraccini, DigitalGlobe Product Manager
  • 04.15.15

    Saving Time & Resources in Global Dredging Activities

    Dredging is a worldwide activity fueled by global trade, coastal defense, urban development, and energy and tourism requirements. This webinar showcases how the use of high-resolution satellite imagery can effectively support the monitoring of some of the core issues during dredging activities for the installation of offshore infrastructure.
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    By: Sergio Samarelli, Planetek Italia, Chief Technical Officer
  • 03.11.15

    Discover DigitalGlobe Basemap +Vivid

    Introducing DigitalGlobe Basemap +Vivid - beautiful, consistent imagery on a countrywide scale. Basemap +Vivid requires no tasking or traditional order processing. The result? Gorgeous, off-the-shelf imagery available immediately, saving you time and resources. Listen to this informative discussion on how Basemap +Vivid can help solve your geospatial challenges.
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    By: Josh Wiegand
  • 12.10.14

    SITI AGRI Knowledge: Simplifying New Solutions for the Farming Industry

    Abaco's technology provides affordable, all-in-one management solutions to hundreds of central and local public administrations as well as municipalities, cooperatives of farmers and taxing authorities. This webinar highlights how the SITI AGRI platform simplifies the development of new solutions for the farming industry incorporating advanced techniques like land knowledge tables, procedural texturizing and augmented reality.
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    By: Marta Gilberti, Abaco Academy Marketing Manager
  • 12.03.14

    Seeing a Hidden World with WorldView-3

    This webinar showcases DigitalGlobe's WorldView-3 satellite and Geospatial Big Data capabilities. Featured on the webinar are Dr. Walter Scott, DigitalGlobe Founder and Chief Technology Officer; Dr. Shay Har-Noy, Sr. Director, Geospatial Big Data; and Dr. Kumar Navulur, Senior Director, Strategic Solutions.
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    By: Dr. Walter Scott, Dr. Kumar Navulur and Dr. Shay Har-Noy
  • 11.20.14

    DigitalGlobe Advanced Constellation: Summary of Methods Enabling More Efficient Management for Agriculture Based Economies

    This specialized technology and solutions webinar was developed specifically for agriculture professionals. This is the final webinar in our three-part agriculture series. Learn how DigitalGlobe's advanced, very high-resolution constellation enables unique value for the Agriculture industry and how WorldView-3's capabilities provide greater benefits that enable better decision making.
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    By: Dr. Kumar Navulur, DigitalGlobe- Director, Research & Development
  • 11.19.14

    Emerging Geospatial Requirements in Army Intel 2020 and Beyond

    The U.S. military's transition from a forward operating force to a continental U.S. based regionally aligned, expeditionary force means it will place increasing emphasis on geospatial intelligence. The Army Intelligence 2020 and Beyond plan, in particular, calls for solutions that let soldiers at the tactical edge leverage the technology, expertise and intelligence across the enterprise – in essence, leverage the power of the Intelligence Community at the tip of the spear.
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    By: Terry Mitchell Director, Army Intelligence Future Directorate, Deputy Chief of Staff (G2), U.S. Army
  • 11.13.14

    DigitalGlobe Advanced Constellation: Science & Methods Enabling Agriculture Applications

    This technical follow up session is the second webinar in our three-part agriculture series. The webinar covers the specifics behind how the addition of WorldView-3 to the DigitalGlobe constellation can be leveraged to provide best-in-class outcomes and enable even better decision making in the agriculture industry. The webinar is intended for technologically-savvy, hands-on imagery professionals.
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    By: Dr. Kumar Navulur, DigitalGlobe- Director, Research & Development
  • 11.12.14

    SAR/Optical Combined Applications for Emergency & Security Services

    Earth Observation data provides decision makers with time critical information relating to the management of natural (floods, earthquakes, landslides) and man-made (forest fires, explosions, political crisis) emergency situations both during and post event. This webinar showcases the value of near real-time mapping of crisis situations leveraging the benefits of all weather, day and night collection capability of SAR (Cosmo SkyMed) coupled with the high level of detail extracted from VHR optical satellites (DigitalGlobe constellation).
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    By: Fabio Valope | e-GEOS Head of Geospatial Content Evolution