Data Sheets

  • 02.28.17


    SecureWatch™ is the premier cloud-based imagery service for rapid access to geospatial intelligence (GEOINT).
  • 02.24.17

    Short-wave Infrared Imagery

    Expand deeper into the infrared spectrum and access rich data for precisely identifying and characterizing man-made and natural material, penetrating smoke, and mapping minerals.
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  • 12.01.16

    Solutions for Telecommunications

    Access to accurate and highly detailed geodata is critical to optimizing network infrastructure investment.
  • 11.01.16

    Atmospheric Compensation

    DigitalGlobe Atmospheric Compensation (AComp) is a rigorously tested proprietary algorithm that mitigates the presence of haze and atmospheric effects on satellite imagery.
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  • 06.22.16

    Vricon DTM

    An accurate, high-resolution bare earth elevation data layer produced with industry-leading automated technology
  • 05.17.16

    Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing platform

    Monitor fishing traffic more effectively with DigitalGlobe and exact Earth’s IUU Solution
  • 04.25.16

    Auracle Product Sheet 3D Bare Rock Models Geological Mapping (Spanish)

    Explorar más profundo con tecnología de innovación en geología
  • 04.01.16

    Global Enhanced GEOINT Delivery (G-EGD)

    The G-EGD program provides the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and its customers with current, unclassified, high-resolution imagery in support of operational planning, emergency response and situational awareness.
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  • 03.31.16

    Auracle Product Sheet 3D Bare Rock Models Geological Mapping

    Explore Deeper with Breakthrough Geological Technology
  • 03.14.16

    Cuende Infometrics Data Sheet

    Market research and Big Data analysis especializated on Out-of-Home and location analytics
  • 02.09.16

    Exploration Mapping Group WorldView-3

    WorldView-3 Imagery for exploration and mining
  • 02.01.16

    Spatial on Demand

    Successful energy companies need a common operational picture for mapping, elevation, and logistics in order to intimately understand exploration, production and development activities, both onshore and offshore. Used by many of the top 100 energy companies, Spatial on Demand is the world’s largest professional-grade oil and gas geospatial solution enabling quick and easy access across your enterprise to search, sort, select, share, and store geospatial data sets –directly in the workflows you already use.
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  • 01.01.16

    Vricon DSM-10

    Vricon DSM-10 is a global surface model with 10m post spacing and 3m absolute accuracy, achieved without ground control points.
  • 01.01.16

    Vricon True Ortho

    Vricon True Ortho, without parallax or occlusion.
  • 01.01.16

    Vricon Point Cloud

    Vricon Point Cloud is a photogrammetrically derived RGB colorized point cloud product derived from Vricon’s unique 3D technology.
  • 01.01.16

    Vricon 3D Surface

    Vricon 3D Surface Model is a global representation of Earth, providing 0.5m resolution and 3m absolute accuracy. Image of Atlanta based on archived commercial satellite imagery without the use of ground control points.
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  • 01.01.16

    Vricon DSM

    Vricon DSM is a global surface model with 0.5m post spacing and 3m absolute accuracy. No ground control points needed.
  • 01.01.16

    PhotoSat 20cm Accuracy Satellite Topography

    PhotoSat has invented a process to produce the world’s most accurate satellite topographic surveys (DEMs), with elevation accuracies of better than 20cm.
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  • 11.16.15

    Basemap +Metro

    Basemap +Metro provides easy access to up-to-date high-resolution imagery of more than 2,600 world capitals and major metropolitan areas.
  • 07.14.15

    Marine Services

    Sea captains take the migratory nature of pelagic species in stride. Experience and intuition have long guided them in locating schools to harvest. But with soaring fuel prices and global competition, they are challenged not just to increase productivity but to find more fish faster. Since 1997, our SeaStar fish finding maps have given pelagic fishing operations the tools they need for more efficient purse seining, long-lining and trolling. Our ocean color imagery is delivered directly to vessels at sea. It’s easy to manipulate map layers and find the closest, most productive fishing grounds. Trends can be identified to inform forecasts for up to three days. So the crew spends less time searching and more time catching fish.
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  • 04.22.15

    DigitalGlobe Basemap +Vivid

    Get the most beautiful, high-resolution, imagery basemap available anywhere.
  • 04.03.15

    DigitalGlobe Basemap +Daily

    DigitalGlobe Basemap +Daily is a premier subscription service that provides near real-time access to imagery over areas of strategic and economic interest. The Basemap +Daily service includes the most relevant current collections from DigitalGlobe’s constellation and is updated continuously around the globe.
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  • 03.26.15

    Human Landscape

    Make use of high-quality open-source data combined with geospatial information, resulting in tangible savings in research time and cost.
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  • 12.18.14

    EnhancedView Program

    Under the EnhancedView program, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) acquires imagery and imagery-derived products on behalf of its clients within the U.S. government. This program provides authorized U.S. government personnel cost-effective, preemptive access to unclassified high-resolution satellite imagery. EnhancedView is designed to promote collaboration within the U.S. government for national security, homeland defense, and disaster and emergency response situations. The imagery can also be readily shared with other collaborators, such as international coalition partners and non-government support and relief organizations.
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  • 10.07.14

    DigitalGlobe Basemap + Refresh USA

    USA Refresh is an application-ready subscription service that provides a current and complete imagery layer for the continental US and its territories.
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  • 09.29.14

    Predictive Analytics for security & law enforcement

    Identify areas at increased likelihood for future criminal incidents and events, giving them the ability to better deploy resources when and they are needed to accomplish prevention and apprehension missions.
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  • 05.29.14

    Direct Access Program

    DigitalGlobe’s Direct Access Program establishes a trusted alliance with select defense, intelligence and commercial customers to provide priority access to the most advanced commercial satellites in the world.
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  • 03.28.14


    GeoStereo products are designed for users with advanced image processing capabilities and photogrammetric tools. Utilizing the IKONOS satellite, you can choose from a rich archive or submit a new collection request.
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  • 03.28.14


    DigitalGlobe’s Geo products are designed for users with knowledge of remote sensing applications and image processing tools that require data of modest absolute accuracy and/or large area coverage. Utilizing the IKONOS satellite, you can choose from a rich archive going back to 2000 or submit a new collection request.
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  • 03.21.14

    DigitalGlobe Crowdsourcing

    Rapid, reliable, human insight from trillions of pixels.
  • 06.04.13

    Satellite Tasking

    Information on a flexible and comprehensive set of tasking options.
  • 05.31.13

    Precision Aerial

    Precision Aerial delivers high-quality orthomosaics covering the contiguous United States and Western Europe.
  • 05.31.13

    Stereo Imagery

    Stereo Imagery products are designed for users with advanced image processing capabilities and photogrammetric tools.
  • 05.31.13

    Global Basemap

    Global Basemap provides the most relevant imagery basemap available to the market.
  • 05.31.13

    Vegetative Analysis

    WorldView-2 is the first high-resolution multispectral satellite to provide a Red-Edge detector for conducting vegetative analyses.
  • 05.31.13


    DigitalGlobe’s FirstLook is an online subscription service for emergency management that provides fast web-based access to imagery.
  • 05.31.13

    Standard Imagery

    Standard Imagery uses DigitalGlobe’s constellation of satellites, which include QuickBird, IKONOS, WorldView-1, WorldView-2 and GeoEye-1.
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  • 05.31.13

    Professional Services: Custom Software & Solutions

    Professional Services helps customers better understand and use DigitalGlobe standard products and software solutions.
  • 05.31.13

    Professional Services: Service Contracts & Subscriptions

    Professional Services helps customers better understand and use DigitalGlobe standard products and software solutions.
  • 05.31.13

    DigitalGlobe Cloud Services

    DigitalGlobe Cloud Services unlocks the power of the world’s largest online library of high-resolution imagery.
  • 05.31.13

    My DigitalGlobe

    My DigitalGlobe is a simple intuitive tool for government and commercial customers to access imagery and content.
  • 05.31.13

    Professional Services: Customer & Reseller Training

    Professional Services helps customers better understand and use DigitalGlobe standard products and software solutions.
  • 05.31.13

    Basic Imagery

    Basic Imagery products are designed for users with advanced image processing capabilities.
  • 05.31.13

    Advanced Elevation Series

    DigitalGlobe’s Advanced Elevation Series enables successful exploration, engineering, land management, and simulation.
  • 05.31.13

    Advanced Ortho Series

    The DigitalGlobe Advanced Ortho Series provides unparalleled coverage, speed, accuracy, and aesthetics.