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ID Title Link Content Type Industries Product Family Product Subfamily Product
1 8 Band SWIR data-sheet agriculture, forestry, mining Mapping Imagery SWIR 3.7m
2 Persistent-Change Monitoring (PCM) data-sheet IDI, civil government Mapping Imagery PCM
3 GeoHive data-sheet IDI, insurance Analytics crowdsourcing GeoHive
4 GBDx data-sheet Argriculture, Analytics GBDX GBDX
5 Rapid Access Program data-sheet IDI, USG Capacity Direct Access Rapid Access Program
6 Direct Access Program data-sheet IDI, USG Capacity Direct Access Direct Access Program
92 Academic competition saves seal pups case-study
8 Vessel Detection Service data-sheet Maritime Capacity RADARSAT-2 Vessel Detection Service
9 Mosaics data-sheet Agriculture Mapping Mosaics Mosaics
10 BaseVue data-sheet GDO, agriculture Mapping Information Layers BaseVue
11 Global Census Solutions data-sheet Civil government, agriculture, GDO Solutions Census Global Census Solutions
12 Map-Ready Imagery data-sheet Mapping Imagery Map-Ready Imagery
7 SecureWatch (NEW) data-sheet IDI, USG, telecommunications, automotive, civil government, GDO, agriculture, technology, energy Online SecureWatch SecureWatch
13 Metro data-sheet Mapping Mosaics Metro
14 NaturalVue data-sheet IDI, USG Mapping Mosaics NaturalVue
15 Telco Geodata data-sheet Telecommunications, technology
16 View-Ready (2A) Imagery data-sheet Mapping Imagery View-Ready Imagery
17 Vivid 1.0 data-sheet Mapping Mosaics Vivid
18 GeoEye-1 data-sheet
19 IKONOS data-sheet
20 Human Landscape reseller data-sheet Mapping Information Layers Human Landscape
21 Building Footprints data-sheet Mapping Information Layers Building Footprints
22 Stereo Imagery data-sheet Mapping Imagery Stereo Imagery
23 System-Ready (1B) Imagery data-sheet Mapping Imagery System-Ready Imagery
24 SecureWatch Private Hosting data-sheet IDI Capacity Capacity SecureWatch Private Hosting
25 QuickBird data-sheet
26 WorldView-1 data-sheet
27 WorldView-2 data-sheet
28 WorldView-3 data-sheet
29 WorldView-4 data-sheet
30 AFIX Tracker data-sheet IDI, USG Analytics Analytics AFIX Tracker
31 AFIX Tracker FR data-sheet IDI, USG Analytics Analytics AFIX Tracker FR
32 AFIX Verifier data-sheet IDI, USG Analytics Analytics AFIX Verifier
33 AFIX Identifier data-sheet IDI, USG Analytics Analytics AFIX Identifier
34 AFIX Tracker LE data-sheet IDI, USG Analytics Analytics AFIX Tracker LE
35 AFIX Tracker LW data-sheet IDI, USG Analytics Analytics AFIX Tracker LW
36 AFIX Tracker RW data-sheet IDI, USG Analytics Analytics AFIX Tracker RW
37 RADARSAT-2 Imagery data-sheet Maritime, agriculture Capacity RADARSAT-2 RADARSAT-2
38 IUU data-sheet Marine Analytics Marine Services IUU
39 SeaStar Fisheries data-sheet Marine Analytics Marine Services SeaStar Fisheries
40 AquaCulture Solutions data-sheet Marine Analytics Marine Services Aquaculture Solutions
41 Precision Terrain data-sheet IDI, Civil Government, Energy Mapping Elevation Precision Terrain
42 Oil Tracker Service data-sheet Marine Capacity RADARSAT-2 Oil Tracker Service
43 Spatial on Demand data-sheet Agriculture, insurance Online Online Spatial on Demand
44 Industry Overview - Tekecommunications data-sheet Telecommunications, IoT 
45 AW3D Enhanced data-sheet Mapping Elevation NTT AW3D Enhanced
46 AW3D Standard DEM data-sheet Forestry, Agriculture Mapping Elevation NTT AW3D Standard DEM
47 AW3D Telecom data-sheet Telecommunications Mapping Elevation NTT AW3D Telecom
48 Advanced Elevation Series data-sheet Mapping Elevation Advanced Elevation Series
49 Tcarta data-sheet IDI, Marine Online SecureWatch Satellite Derived Bathymetry
50 GeoStereo data-sheet Mapping Elevation GeoStereo
51 Atmospheric Compensation data-sheet Argriculture, IDI, mining  Mapping Imagery Atmospheric Compensation
52 Imaging Through Volume Turbulence (IVT) data-sheet IDI, Civil Government, Automotive Analytics Imaging Through Volume Turbulence (IVT)
53 Forest Alert Service data-sheet Forestry Capacity RADARSAT-2 Forest Alert Service
54 Ecopia Land Cover data-sheet Forestry, Agriculture, GDO Mapping Information Layers Ecopia Land Cover
55 CityBox data-sheet USG Analytics Analytics CityBox
56 Imaging Through Volume Turbulence (IVT) white-paper
57 Benefits of SWIR white-paper Argriculture, forestry, mining Mapping Imagery SWIR
58 Moving from Pixels to Products white-paper agriculture, forestry, mining Mapping Imagery SWIR
59 Alcis case-study IDI, USG Online Online SecureWatch
60 Evolving 911 Networks case-study Emergency response, civil government, Global Development Mapping Information Layers Ecopia Building Footprints
61 OMNR case-study Civil government, emergency response Mapping Imagery View-Ready (OR2a)
62 Genscape case-study Energy, Global 2000s Mapping Imagery View-Ready
63 UQAM case-study Forestry Mapping Imagery Stereo Imagery
64 Solvang (We may delete this as were deprecating Aerial product) case-study Civil government Mapping Imagery
65 PGEC case-study Energy Mapping Imagery
66 Sakhalin case-study Energy, civil government Mapping Imagery 8-band SWIR
67 OSMRE case-study Mining Mapping Imagery View-Ready (OR2a)
68 NTT Data 3D Airport Datasets case-study Logistics, Technology Mapping Imagery Map-Ready
69 Terranor Swedish Forestry Mapping case-study Foresty, civil government Mapping Imagery
70 Colorado Springs case-study Emergency response, civil government Online Online FirstLook
71 GMV Precision Viticulture case-study Agriculture Mapping Imagery 8-band SWIR
72 Indra and City Council of Madrid Green Project case-study Civil government, Global development Mapping Imagery 8-band SWIR
73 Centre for Geographical Analysis (CGA)/Soil Salinity case-study Agriculture, civil government, global development Mapping Imagery
74 ARCHLOOT case-study Civil government, global development Mapping Imagery
75 Bluecham/Thio case-study Mining, energy Mapping Imagery
76 Philippine Department of Agriculture case-study Civil government, agriculture Mapping Imagery
77 American Association for the Advancement of Science case-study Global development, civil government Mapping Imagery
78 Gisat/UNHCR case-study Global development Mapping Imagery
79 GEOSCAPE case-study Technology, Insurance, Civil Government, Analytics GBDX GBDX
80 Shale Development case-study Energy, Oil & Gas Online, Mapping Online, Elevation Spatial on Demand
81 TCarta case-study Emergency response, civil government, global development Mapping Imagery 8-band SWIR
82 Remote Asset Monitoring white-paper Emergency response, global development, civil government, agriculture, mining, IDI Mapping Imagery 8-band SWIR, SWIR material layers. 16-band superspectral
83 The Evolution of Mapping ebook Civil government, technology, global development Mapping, Online Imagery, Basemap, SecureWatch, Mosaics Daily, Refresh, Standard, Vivid, Metro, Dynamic
84 Location Intelligence ebook Technology, Insurance, Energy, Civil government, Transporation and logistics, automotive, real estate, retail, financial services Mapping, Analytics Imagery, GBDX
85 SDG ebook Global development, Global 2000s, Technology, civil government Mapping, Analytics, Online Imagery, SecureWatch, Mosaics, GBDX
86 Evolving Insurance ebook Insurance, Global 2000s Mapping Imagery, Information products Building footprints
87 Constellation Brochure brochure IDI, Civil government, global 2000s, automotive, technology Capacity, Mapping Imagery
88 Legion Corporate Brochure brochure IDI, civil government, global 2000s, automotive, technology, global development Capacity, Mapping Imagery Legion
89 Earth Intelligence Brochure brochure civil government, global 2000s, automotive, technology, global development, insurance, USG Capacity, Mapping, Online, Analytics
90 Insight from geospatial data on a worldwide scale video Analytics Analytics GBDX
91 Satellite Imagery Applications in the Mining Life Cycle video Mining

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