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ID Date Title Description Link Category
14 2013/06 Evaluating atrocities under the watchful eye of satellite imagery GaTHR, or Geospatial Technologies for Human Rights, extends from the AAAS mission for... case-study
2 2016/11 CyberCity 3D - Case Study: Miami DDI CyberCity 3D - Case Study: Miami DDI case-study
4 2016/04 Using 30 cm imagery to monitor New Caledonia’s largest mine High-resolution imagery helps the world's largest producer of nickel map and monitor vegetation... case-study
5 2015/10 Satellite Monitoring of a Large Tailings Storage Facility case-study
6 2015/03 Highly Accurate Satellite Topographic Mapping Accuracy Study A PhotoSat 50 cm Elevation Grid, produced from the new 30 cm resolution DigitalGlobe WorldView-3... case-study
9 2014/02 DigitalGlobe imagery enables underwater reef mapping Product solution for NZ Coastal Mapping. case-study
12 2015/07 Marine Services Agent Situated in the Auckland region and jutting north to the Pacific Ocean, the 4,000 square... case-study
15 2013/06 A monitoring technique for the springs of the Great Artesian Basin The Great Artesian Basin (GAB) is one of the only reliable sources of fresh water... case-study
17 2013/06 A full view for real estate professionals eNeighborhoods features DigitalGlobe high-impact aerial photos. case-study
18 2013/06 An EPA-wide solution for obtaining and sharing Earth imagery Aerial views provide a valuable visual backdrop that helps EPA staff set up projects. case-study
19 2013/06 Using precision aerial imagery to accomplish county-level goals Jackson County, Georgia uses GIS extensively to inform 911 dispatchers, aid in city... case-study
20 2013/06 DigitalGlobe imagery speeds design of irrigation project in India A key objective of the project was to find a solution for the scarcity of drinking water... case-study
22 2013/06 Streamlining workflow at LSA associates LSA environmental and community planning decisions depend on high-resolution aerial and... case-study
24 2013/06 Integrating imagery with GIS for controlling wildfires Forest fires continually threaten remote communities of the far northern part of Canada's... case-study
16 2013/06 Waldo canyon fire demonstrates FirstLook responsiveness High winds, dry fuels, and extreme temperatures combined to create a massive fire storm... case-study
1 2018/09 Rebuilding for Resilience TCarta leads innovative surface model project for Antigua & Barbuda recovery case-study
8 2015/11 Using imagery and digital elevation models to improve operational efficiency Using high-resolution imagery and digital elevation models to overcome technical challenges in... case-study
13 2014/12 Satellite Imagery Vital to Proactive Forestry Management Accounting for nearly three percent of Sweden’s Gross Domestic Product and over 12... case-study
3 2017/09 Remote Asset Monitoring - Case Study Assessing and monitoring remote locations using DigitalGlobe solutions case-study
7 2015/11 DigitalGlobe 30 cm imagery supports performance-based navigation DigitalGlobe's 30 cm imagery is already playing a role in the next generation of aircraft... case-study
25 2013/06 OSMRE streamlines operations with high resolution satellite imagery U.S. Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation, and Enforcement case-study
27 2013/06 Safeguarding California communities Pipeline experts at PG&E use accurate and timely spatial information provided by DigitalGlobe's... case-study
28 2013/06 Worldwide rapid 3D mapping from Saab & DigitalGlobe Saab has been at the forefront of developing and delivering high-resolution imagery and... case-study
29 2013/06 Restoring the right-of-way along the 800-kilometer TransSakhalin Pipeline Sakhalin-2 oil & gas right-of-way restoration project. case-study
30 2013/06 Your tax dollars at work The City of Solvang, California's Department of Public Works uses DigitalGlobe imagery. case-study
176 2019/03 Evolving 911 networks with precision Building Footprints NCT9-1-1 needed an affordable solution that could easily integrate with their system, plus... case-study
34 2013/06 Record ten-day turnaround in Red Sea bathymetric study The Red Sea is a rich and diverse ecosystem, home to hundreds of unique species of fish... case-study
35 2013/07 Media access to satellite imagery of worldwide breaking news events When a news story breaks, speed and access to information makes all the difference to... case-study
37 2013/08 DigitalGlobe imagery key to bringing clean water to Malawians Production solution for Geoserve Malawi water projects. case-study
41 2013/08 DigitalGlobe imagery expedites mineral exploration in Africa Product solution for Southern Mapping Company. case-study
42 2013/08 DigitalGlobe imagery helps monitor electromagnetic field exposure Product solution for Siradel/electro magnetic field exposure. case-study
46 2013/08 DigitalGlobe satellite imagery aids WWF in habitat preservation study Product solution for Muncons WWF Romania. case-study
48 2014/02 Impactful tool of discovery for archaeologists Product solution for Archaeological Site Search & Discovery. case-study
49 2014/02 An effective mapping solution for Australia’s pine plantations Product solution for Australia Pine Plantations. case-study
50 2014/02 Identifying eligible land parcels for EU farm subsidy program Product solution for ICON/Ireland Dept. of Agriculture. case-study
52 2014/02 Satellite imagery tracks mine rehabilitation in Namibia Product solution for Geo Data Design/Namibia Mine Rehabilitation. case-study
53 2014/07 DigitalGlobe imagery central to Moscow green space planning Europe's largest city and the world's sixth largest metropolis with nearly twelve million... case-study
101 2016/01 Vricon Point Cloud Vricon Point Cloud is a photogrammetrically derived RGB colorized point cloud product derived... data-sheet
47 2014/02 A valuable tool to monitor archeological site looting Product solution for Archeological Site Looting. case-study
39 2013/08 Proactive monitoring mitigates oil pipeline theft Product solution for GMV/Russia oil pipeline monitoring. case-study
31 2013/06 DigitalGlobe provides insight into energy infrastructure projects The global demand for energy continues to rise. In 2011, world consumption increased 2.5%. case-study
44 2013/08 DigitalGlobe imagery central to Madrid's green space planning Product solution for Indra and City Council of Madrid green project. case-study
43 2013/08 DigitalGlobe imagery maps telecom network optimization Product solution for Siradel and wireless networks. case-study
51 2014/02 DigitalGlobe imagery tracks environmental impact of mine Product solution for Bluecham/Thio Town Council. case-study
45 2013/08 DigitalGlobe imagery helps optimize vineyard production Product solution for GMV precision viticulture. case-study
54 2014/07 Satellite imagery pivotal to Russian Federation forest inventory The Russian Federation is the world's largest country in total land area with vast... case-study
55 2014/11 Satellite Imagery Essential to India Water Supply Expansion Project In the past ten years the population of Sinnar, a municipal council in the Indian state... case-study
63 2019/02 EarthWatch EarthWatch is the most comprehensive, single-access-point subscription for premium geospatial... data-sheet
57 2015/03 Imagery central to strategic environmental assessment in Italy A sweeping urban planning initiative, the European Union Strategic Environmental... case-study
58 2015/03 Spatial Energy Ground Movement Monitoring Service Detects Sub-Centimeter Deformation Satellite-based radar data acquisition and analysis conducted on a periodic basis by... case-study
59 2015/03 WorldView-2 monitors Wadden Sea coastal change With nearly 50 percent of its landmass lying at or below sea level, the Netherlands lives... case-study
67 2018/08 Ecopia Building Footprints Powered By DigitalGlobe Together, Ecopia and DigitalGlobe have engineered the first high-precision, semi-automated... data-sheet
68 2018/07 Telco Geodata Advanced, current geodata packages from DigitalGlobe provide quality-at-scale to help you... data-sheet
64 2018/10 SecureWatch data sheet SecureWatch™ is the premier cloud-based imagery service for rapid access to geospatial... data-sheet
65 2018/09 Industry Overview - Meeting a new standard for advanced networks Our IoT solutions are driving smarter cites, more efficient agriculture, and greater productivity... data-sheet
72 2017/08 Solutions for Telecommunications Access to accurate and highly detailed geodata is critical to optimizing network infrastructure... data-sheet
61 2015/04 Ground Movement Monitoring Service Detects Sub-Centimeter Deformation Satellite-based radar data acquisition and analysis conducted on a periodic basis by... case-study
66 2017/05 Short-wave Infrared Imagery Expand deeper into the infrared spectrum and access rich data for precisely identifying... data-sheet
56 2014/11 Satellite imagery helps agricultural development in the Philippines Although the most common association with the Philippines may be the industrialized... case-study
90 2017/06 GBDX A living digital library that documents every inch of our changing planet on a powerful analytics... data-sheet
77 2018/02 Aquaculture Solutions Protect your aquaculture assets and fish stocks with Aquaculture Solutions from Marine Services. data-sheet
78 2016/05 Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing platform Monitor fishing traffic more effectively with DigitalGlobe and exact Earth’s IUU Solution data-sheet
79 2017/11 SeaStar Fisheries Information Service The SeaStar Fisheries Information Service o ers clients an easy way to view and combine real-time... data-sheet
80 2018/03 EarthWatch March '18 Easily find the data you need with the industry’s premier usage-based subscription imagery service. data-sheet
81 2018/01 Basemap +Metro Basemap +Metro provides easy access to up-to-date high-resolution imagery of more than 2,600... data-sheet
171 2019/02 RADARSAT-2 Portal User's Guide A guide to using the RADARSAT portal data-sheet
83 2019/02 System-Ready Imagery Basic Imagery products are designed for users with advanced image processing capabilities. data-sheet
170 2019/03 RADARSAT-2 Imagery Data sheet RADARSAT-2 is the world’s most capable commercial Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite. data-sheet
87 2016/04 Geoflorestas | Renovar The Renovar Program was created from a partnership between Geoflorestas and its clients, with the... data-sheet
88 2017/06 Vricon Powered by DigitalGlobe's image library, the Vricon Data Suite offers the quality, timeliness,... data-sheet
89 2017/06 Imagery Analysis Reports Analysis Reports to provide organizations with early insights into the business, market,... data-sheet
91 2017/06 Human Landscape Make use of high-quality open-source data combined with geospatial information, resulting... data-sheet
92 2017/05 AW3D AW3D Datasheet data-sheet
93 2016/01 PhotoSat 20cm Accuracy Satellite Topography PhotoSat has invented a process to produce the world’s most accurate satellite topographic... data-sheet
96 2016/06 Vricon DTM An accurate, high-resolution bare earth elevation data layer produced with industry-leading... data-sheet
97 2016/04 Auracle Product Sheet 3D Bare Rock Models Geological Mapping (Spanish) Explorar más profundo con tecnología de innovación en geología data-sheet
99 2016/03 Auracle Product Sheet 3D Bare Rock Models Geological Mapping Explore Deeper with Breakthrough Geological Technology data-sheet
100 2016/01 Vricon True Ortho Vricon True Ortho, without parallax or occlusion. data-sheet
73 2018/04 Direct Access Program DigitalGlobe’s Direct Access Program establishes a trusted alliance with select defense,... data-sheet
76 2018/04 Rapid Access Program Get regional collection priority, predictable access, and virtual control and optimization of... data-sheet
75 2018/04 EnhancedView Program and Global Enhanced GEOINT Delivery Under the EnhancedView program, U.S. government users can readily access and share imagery with... data-sheet
84 2013/05 Map-Ready Imagery The DigitalGlobe Advanced Ortho Series provides unparalleled coverage, speed, accuracy,... data-sheet
102 2016/01 Vricon DSM Vricon DSM is a global surface model with 0.5m post spacing and 3m absolute accuracy. No ground... data-sheet
103 2016/01 Vricon DSM-10 Vricon DSM-10 is a global surface model with 10m post spacing and 3m absolute accuracy, achieved... data-sheet
104 2016/01 Vricon 3D Surface Vricon 3D Surface Model is a global representation of Earth, providing 0.5m resolution and 3m... data-sheet
105 2016/03 Cuende Infometrics Data Sheet Market research and Big Data analysis especializated on Out-of-Home and location analytics data-sheet
106 2016/02 Exploration Mapping Group WorldView-3 WorldView-3 Imagery for exploration and mining data-sheet
110 2013/05 Stereo Imagery Stereo Imagery products are designed for users with advanced image processing... data-sheet
109 2013/05 Precision Aerial Precision Aerial delivers high-quality orthomosaics covering the contiguous United States... data-sheet
111 2013/05 Global Basemap Global Basemap provides the most relevant imagery basemap available to the market. data-sheet
112 2013/05 Vegetative Analysis WorldView-2 is the first high-resolution multispectral satellite to provide a Red-Edge... data-sheet
114 2013/05 Professional Services: Customer & Reseller Training Professional Services helps customers better understand and use DigitalGlobe standard... data-sheet
115 2013/05 Professional Services: Custom Software & Solutions Professional Services helps customers better understand and use DigitalGlobe standard... data-sheet
116 2013/05 Professional Services: Service Contracts & Subscriptions Professional Services helps customers better understand and use DigitalGlobe standard... data-sheet
117 2013/05 DigitalGlobe Cloud Services DigitalGlobe Cloud Services unlocks the power of the world’s largest online library of... data-sheet
118 2013/05 My DigitalGlobe My DigitalGlobe is a simple intuitive tool for government and commercial customers to... data-sheet
119 2013/06 Satellite Tasking Information on a flexible and comprehensive set of tasking options. data-sheet
120 2014/03 DigitalGlobe Crowdsourcing Rapid, reliable, human insight from trillions of pixels. data-sheet
122 2014/03 Geo DigitalGlobe’s Geo products are designed for users with knowledge of remote sensing... data-sheet
123 2014/09 Predictive Analytics for security & law enforcement Identify areas at increased likelihood for future criminal incidents and events, giving... data-sheet
124 2014/10 DigitalGlobe Basemap + Refresh USA USA Refresh is an application-ready subscription service that provides a current and... data-sheet
125 2015/04 DigitalGlobe Basemap +Daily DigitalGlobe Basemap +Daily is a premier subscription service that provides near... data-sheet
126 2016/06 The DigitalGlobe Constellation The DigitalGlobe constellation of high-resolution satellites offers incredible accuracy, agility... satellite-information
127 2017/06 WorldView-4 WorldView-4 spacecraft information and specifications. satellite-information
128 2017/06 WorldView-3 WorldView-3 spacecraft information and specifications. satellite-information
113 2013/05 FirstLook DigitalGlobe’s FirstLook is an online subscription service for emergency management that... data-sheet
190 2019/04 The Big Impact Of Small Objects Learn how the Department of Geography at University of Québec at Montréal (UQAM) leveraged stereo... case-study
129 2013/06 WorldView-1 WorldView-1 spacecraft information and specifications. satellite-information
130 2013/06 WorldView-2 WorldView-2 spacecraft information and specifications. satellite-information
131 2013/06 QuickBird QuickBird spacecraft information and specifications. satellite-information
132 2013/06 GeoEye-1 The GeoEye-1 satellite is equipped with some of the most advanced technology ever used in a... satellite-information
133 2013/06 IKONOS The IKONOS satellite collects high-quality satellite imagery for map creation, change detection,... satellite-information
134 2017/08 DigitalGlobe Search & Discovery Guide DigitalGlobe Search & Discovery Guide technical-information
135 2017/08 WorldView-4 Relative Radiometric Response Curves WorldView-4 Relative Radiometric Response Curves: Supporting data for WorldView-4 relative... technical-information
136 2017/06 Absolute Radiometric Calibration Adjustment Factors New constellation calibration adjustment factors as of June 6, 2017. This update includes more... technical-information
137 2016/11 QuickBird Relative Radiometric Response Curves QuickBird Relative Radiometric Response Curves: Supporting data for QuickBird relative spectral... technical-information
138 2016/11 WorldView-2 Relative Radiometric Response Curves WorldView-2 Relative Radiometric Response Curves: Supporting data for WorldView-2 relative... technical-information
139 2016/11 WorldView-1 Relative Radiometric Response Curves WorldView-1 Relative Radiometric Response Curves: Supporting data for WorldView-1 relative... technical-information
140 2016/11 IKONOS Relative Radiometric Response Curves IKONOS Relative Radiometric Response Curves: Supporting data for IKONOS relative spectral band... technical-information
141 2016/11 GeoEye-1 Relative Radiometric Response Curves GeoEye-1 Relative Radiometric Response Curves: Supporting data for GeoEye-1 relative spectral... technical-information
142 2016/03 Radiometric Use of WorldView-3 This technical note discusses the radiometric use of WorldView-3 imagery, the instrument itself,... technical-information
143 2016/03 WorldView-3 Relative Radiometric Response Curves This is supporting data for WorldView-3 spectral band response curves, referred to as “Attachment... technical-information
144 2013/06 Tasking the DigitalGlobe Constellation DigitalGlobe’s high-resolution satellite imagery has been an invaluable component of government,... technical-information
145 2013/06 Imagery Support Data (ISD) Documentation Information for the DigitalGlobe Core Imagery Product Guide. technical-information
146 2013/06 DigitalGlobe Spectral Response Spectral Responses for QuickBird, WorldView-1 and WorldView-2 Earth Imaging Instruments. technical-information
147 2013/06 Radiometric Use of WorldView-2 Imagery Technical note on radiometric use of WorldView-2 imagery. technical-information
148 2013/06 Specifications for Customer-Provided Support Data DigitalGlobe will orthorectify imagery using your support data. technical-information
149 2013/06 WorldView Elevation Suite Accuracy Report Information on accuracy of the WorldView Elevation Suite. technical-information
150 2014/02 Geo/GeoStereo Product Guide Information on Geo and GeoStereo products. technical-information
153 2017/06 Detecting Stressed Trees with Satellite Imagery Detecting Stressed Trees With Multispectral Imagery After Atmospheric Compensation white-paper
154 2016/05 Accuracy of WorldView Products Process used to assess geolocation accuracy and the resulting accuracy statements for WorldView-1... white-paper
155 2013/06 Tasking the DigitalGlobe Constellation Whitepaper DigitalGlobe's high-resolution satellite imagery has been an invaluable component of government,... white-paper
156 2013/06 Digital Photogrammetry Project A digital photogrammetry study with very high-resolution stereo pairs was conducted on an area of... white-paper
157 2013/06 High-Resolution Stereo Satellite Elevation Mapping Service Confirmed Proof of Accuracy, Case History, WorldView-2 Stereo Photos, Asmara, Eritrea white-paper
158 2013/06 Digital Photogrammetry and Digital Surface Modeling Project A digital photogrammetry and digital surface modeling project with very high-resolution stereo... white-paper
152 2018/01 Remote Asset Monitoring How monitoring your holdings with geospatial technology can provide more ground truth than you... white-paper
71 2018/01 DigitalGlobe Mosaics DigitalGlobe's mosaics provide a stunning, virtually seamless, high-resolution image layer to... data-sheet
70 2018/06 DigitalGlobe Metro Up-to-date high-resolution imagery of the world’s major cities and metropolitan areas. data-sheet
69 2018/06 DigitalGlobe Dynamic DigitalGlobe’s Dynamic product offers on-demand production and the option for scheduled image... data-sheet
62 2018/11 DigitalGlobe Vivid Beautiful, high-resolution imagery basemaps over large areas. data-sheet
60 2015/03 Imagery central to updating Nigerian countrywide maps Nigeria is the most populous African country; the seventh most populous nation in the... case-study
36 2013/08 DigitalGlobe imagery helps enforce property rights in Greece Product solution for TotalView/Greek Ministry of Environment. case-study
23 2013/06 Multi-community big picture planning using satellite imagery The best way to plan for the future is to understand the present, especially when... case-study
21 2013/06 Amazing real-time navigation and search on your cell phone An innovative collaboration between DigitalGlobe and LocationNet Systems added... case-study
163 2015/01 Remote Sensing Technology Trends and Agriculture The commercial remote sensing industry has turned a corner in capabilities that can address a... white-paper
162 2014/12 Radiometric Resolution and Information Extraction Radiometric resolution refers to how much information is in a pixel and is expressed in units of... white-paper
161 2014/10 Our Quality Promise To ensure your success, we put quality at our core. DigitalGlobe has invested over 20 years in... white-paper
160 2014/02 Moving from Pixels to Products After more than 40 years, the remote sensing community continues to face two fundamental... white-paper
159 2013/06 WorldView-2 8-band Applications Whitepaper The Benefits of the 8 Spectral Bands of WorldView-2. white-paper
164 2015/04 Exploring the benefits of SWIR satellite imagery Besides offering 30 centimeter resolution panchromatic and eight-band visible and near-infrared... white-paper
107 2013/05 Advanced Elevation Series DigitalGlobe’s Advanced Elevation Series enables successful exploration, engineering,... data-sheet
33 2013/06 DigitalGlobe imagery helps La Paz plan for future growth DigitalGlobe's imagery helps urban planning efforts in La Paz, Bolivia. case-study
151 2018/05 Advanced geodata for next-generation wireless network planning With ever-expanding modern networks and increasing network performance requirements, our geodata... white-paper
86 2017/09 AW3D Telecom Overcome the increasing complexities of network planning with a full geodata package. data-sheet
85 2017/09 AW3D Enhanced High-resolution and accurate Digital Surface Models and Digital Terrain Models to help you... data-sheet
10 2015/04 DigitalGlobe Imagery Helps Protect Farmland in Yunnan Province Yunnan Province, located in the far southwest in the People’s Republic of China, is both... case-study
11 2015/04 DigitalGlobe Imagery Essential to Changchun Urban Planning Initiatives At the center of China’s automobile manufacturing industry and an important hub for the... case-study
166 2019/01 Information Partner Program Explainer of Information Partner Program data-sheet
94 2016/02 Spatial on Demand Successful energy companies need a common operational picture for mapping, elevation, and... data-sheet
32 2013/06 Capturing Carapo Basin to study future resource development DigitalGlobe high-resolution satellite imagery was used in an extensive photogrammetry... case-study
26 2013/06 Improved decision making with DigitalGlobe imagery Access to accurate information on field assets and their surrounding environments is vital to... case-study
121 2014/03 GeoStereo GeoStereo products are designed for users with advanced image processing capabilities and... data-sheet
95 2016/11 Atmospheric Compensation DigitalGlobe Atmospheric Compensation (AComp) is a rigorously tested proprietary algorithm that... data-sheet
38 2014/10 Imagery aids researchers in measuring soil salinity Researchers estimate that nearly one billion hectares, the equivalent of seven percent of... case-study
40 2013/08 DigitalGlobe imagery assists UNHCR in tracking Sudanese refugees Product solution for Gisat/UNHCR. case-study
82 2013/05 View-Ready Imagery Standard Imagery uses DigitalGlobe’s constellation of satellites, which include... data-sheet
191 2019/04 Alcis exposes extent of opium trade in Afghanistan Alcis has been reviewing a military mission aimed at eliminating opium labs in Afghanistan, which... case-study
2017/04 Building a Better Footprint: Introducing Ecopia US Building Footprints Powered by DigitalGlobe

Imagine processing huge amounts of imaging in an accurate and rapid manner. Ecopia Tech is a...

2017/10 Solving Big Business Challenges with Geospatial Big Data Making Location Intelligence work for you. This webinar tells the story of a small company with a... webinar
2017/09 Satellite Imagery Applications in the Mining Lifecycle AngloGold Ashanti’s own GIS Specialist, Miranda Wilson, joins us for a live webinar to share how... webinar
2017/06 The Human Landscape: A mosaic of geospatial and sociocultural data

For critical decisions, understanding the elements of human geography provides a more valuable...

2017/03 Plan the wireless networks of tomorrow with advanced geodata

Advanced cartographic geodata for wireless network planning

As wireless networks...

2017/02 Exploration Remote Sensing: What Every Geologist Needs to Know About Technology and Trends for 2017

The webinar will showcase highlights of geological remote sensing as applied to mineral...

2016/10 Precise Ortho Imagery as the Source for Authoritative Airport Mapping As the aviation industry moves from paper maps and charts to the digital cockpit and electronic... webinar
2016/08 Gain Actionable Insight from Geospatial Data on a Worldwide Scale - EMEAR Learn how businesses are benefiting from the wide variety of information and insight they can... webinar
2016/08 Gain Actionable Insight from Geospatial Data on a Worldwide Scale – North America Learn how businesses are benefiting from the wide variety of information and insight they can... webinar
2016/08 Pipeline Monitoring with Geospatial Big Data Improve the safety and security of your property and infrastructure with geospatial data. Feature... webinar
2016/07 Geospatial Governance for International Civil Governments The critical elements of good governance are transparency, accountability, legitimacy, equity and... webinar
2016/05 Expand Search Capabilities with 3D Geological Models Making discoveries and operating mines is more complex than ever. Exploration companies and mine... webinar
2016/05 Introduction to the DigitalGlobe Elevation Suite Imagery and elevation go together like Batman and Robin. With only one or the other, you only get... webinar
2016/04 Exploration, Mining and Environmental Applications of WorldView-3 Global explorers rarely have opportunities to benefit from step changes in exploration technology... webinar
2016/01 Global Event Security: Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Security Leverage the power and value of DigitalGlobe’s constellation, relationships, and information... webinar
2015/12 Capitalize on WorldView-3 SWIR Data with ENVI There are a multitude of applications for WorldView-3 because of its ability to collect data... webinar
2015/10 WorldView-3 for Property Evaluation, Operations and Geology Accessing the new SWIR information in WorldView-3 can be as simple choosing the proper Red-Green-... webinar
2015/10 Three Ways to Improve Energy Security Using Geospatial Intelligence Man-made threats, compromises in your perimeter, changes in site terrain, and shifts in cultural... webinar
2015/08 High-Resolution Imagery & Digital Elevation for Oil Shale Development The volatile nature of the energy markets demands companies to look inward to their operations... webinar
2015/06 How Will the Google Maps Changes Affect Your Workflow? In January 2016, access to Google Maps basemaps through Google Maps Engine will be discontinued. ... webinar
2015/04 Saving Time & Resources in Global Dredging Activities Dredging is a worldwide activity fueled by global trade, coastal defense, urban development, and... webinar
2014/12 SITI AGRI Knowledge: Simplifying New Solutions for the Farming Industry Abaco's technology provides affordable, all-in-one management solutions to hundreds of... webinar
2014/10 Crowdsourcing Geospatial Big Data Every day, DigitalGlobe collects over 4 million sq km of high-resolution imagery,... webinar
2013/09 Indexes and Thematic Maps for Urban Planning and Soil Loss Evaluation Urban planning processes need updated information as well as support tools and systems to... webinar
2013/10 How SIRADEL Helps Cities to be Smarter Planning, renovating or building the city of tomorrow is a complex issue. Globally, ever... webinar
2013/10 Automated Technology Solutions Using Multispectral High-Resolution Satellite Images Over the last few years, the constellation of very high resolution satellites has... webinar
2013/04 Viz World & DigitalGlobe Online in the Broadcast Environment Vizrt examines the use of satellite imagery in the broadcast television environment and... webinar
2013/04 Vricon and DigitalGlobe Provide Military Personnel with 3D Globe The Vricon system is unique in its ability to rapidly and automatically produce... webinar
2013/05 Proteus: Satellite Derived Seabed Mapping Products Satellite Derived Bathymetry Seabed Classification is not a new concept. Since the first... webinar
2013/06 ABACO: A Land Knowledge Management System for Agriculture and Cadastre Abaco's agriculture and territory platform is one of the most established systems used... webinar
2015/03 Discover DigitalGlobe Basemap +Vivid Introducing DigitalGlobe Basemap +Vivid - beautiful, consistent imagery on a countrywide... webinar
2013/06 The Importance of Surface Reflectance for the Analysis of Optical Very High Spatial Resolution Images The analysis of very high spatial resolution imagery is too often limited to the sole use... webinar
2013/06 ComputaMaps: Planning the Next Generation of Wireless Networks Geodata is based on information digitized from maps and photos. The resolution of a data... webinar
2013/09 WorldView-2 Imagery and Derived Elevation for Mineral Exploration CGG NPA Satellite Mapping Ltd undertakes mineral exploration & mining industry activities... webinar
2013/08 Satellite Derived Bathymetry: Methods and Results DigitalGlobe's WorldView-2 is the first high-resolution multispectral satellite to... webinar
2014/09 FirstLook: Be the First to Know FirstLook is an online subscription service for emergency management that provides fast,... webinar
2013/10 Geology, Exploration and WorldView-3 SWIR Mineral exploration for both ore deposits and hydrocarbons (oil/gas) depends on finding... webinar
2013/11 DigitalGlobe Imagery Expedites Mineral Exploration in Africa The resource sector boom on the African continent demands accurate, high-resolution... webinar
2014/05 Safer Corporate Oil and Gas Activities with WorldView There are three spheres in oil and gas operations that lean upon the same terrain data:... webinar
2014/04 Detailed Geological Mapping to Support 3D Geological Modeling and Fracture Analysis NPA has developed a novel suite of mapping technologies using Worldview-2 and other VHR... webinar
2014/02 Satellite Derived Habitat Mapping Effective management of the world's coastal zone is becoming increasingly important as... webinar
2014/02 Mapping the United States and its Territories Just Got Better for 2014 In response to ever-increasing demand for recent and relevant imagery of the United... webinar
2014/03 PhotoSat's Engineering Quality WorldView Topographic Mapping Vancouver-based PhotoSat has developed a technology to produce highly accurate... webinar
2014/03 Globalization and Protecting Our Shared Global Heritage From a Geospatial Perspective There is major global interest in the issue of archaeological site looting, with new... webinar
2014/03 DigitalGlobe's Expanding Constellation Enables Good, Better and Best Solutions for Open-Pit Mining Listen to one of our recognized industry experts to learn about how DigitalGlobe's... webinar
2014/03 Near Real-Time Maritime Mapping Using VHR Optical Imagery The high resolution imagery and revisits offered by the latest VHR optical satellites... webinar
2014/05 The Next Renaissance in Global Mineral Exploration - High Resolution Satellite SWIR Listen to this specialized technology and solutions webinar developed specifically for... webinar
2014/04 DigitalGlobe's Expanding Constellation, Part II: A Deep Dive into the Technology Supporting Good, Better and Best Solutions for Open-Pit Mining This webinar provides an overview of how the DigitalGlobe constellation and WorldView-3's... webinar
2014/05 Basemap+Vivid: DigitalGlobe's High Resolution, Seamless Map of the World DigitalGlobe launched Basemap + Vivid to provide country basemaps with superior accuracy,... webinar
2014/05 DigitalGlobe's FirstLook +Insight: Online Subscription Service for Emergency Management FirstLook gets priority tasking of DigitalGlobe's industry leading satellite... webinar
2014/07 DigitalGlobe's Expanding Constellation: Enables Good, Better, and Best Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industries This webinar is the first in our three-part series focused on the Oil & Gas Industry. The... webinar
2014/06 From Pixels to Mission This webinar provides a basic understanding of the relationship between source data and... webinar
2014/06 Spatial on Demand: Discover the DigitalGlobe Basemap +Energy for Oil and Gas Without complete, reliable data, it's nearly impossible to get a truly informed picture... webinar
2014/09 Vegetation Analysis in the Desert Using Satellite Imagery Proteus was asked to lead a team using WorldView-2 satellite imagery to inventory tree... webinar
2014/11 SAR/Optical Combined Applications for Emergency & Security Services Earth Observation data provides decision makers with time critical information relating... webinar
2014/11 Use of High Resolution Satellite Imagery for Forest Health Mapping TerraNor, established in 1989, is a software and consulting company working with GIS and... webinar
2014/10 Successfully Develop Large Scale Projects in Three Simple Steps TotalView is a leading Geoinformatics company in Greece that combines strong partnerships... webinar
2014/10 Turning Complex Information into Intuitive, Understandable and Actionable Intelligence A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in the hands of an expert who can provide... webinar
2014/10 Agriculture Application Using the DigitalGlobe Constellation This webinar presents use cases in agriculture segments - production agriculture,... webinar
2014/10 Exelis and DigitalGlobe: From Data to Decisions ENVI provides advanced image analytics, such as feature extraction, change detection, and... webinar
2014/10 DigitalGlobe's Expanding Constellation: Part III - A Deep Dive into the Technology Supporting Good, Better and Best Solution for Oil & Gas This specialized technology and solutions webinar was developed specifically for oil and... webinar
2014/09 DigitalGlobe's Expanding Constellation: Part II - A Deep Dive into the Technology Supporting Good, Better and Best Solution for Oil & Gas This webinar covers the specifics behind the addition of WorldView-3 to the DigitalGlobe... webinar
2014/10 Life Beyond the Pixel: Geospatial Big Data What if you could not only see the world on a daily basis but also understand it?... webinar
2014/10 Imagery Integration with ArcGIS Satellite imagery contains a wealth of information about the world that we live in. This... webinar
2014/11 Emerging Geospatial Requirements in Army Intel 2020 and Beyond The U.S. military's transition from a forward operating force to a continental U.S. based... webinar
2014/11 DigitalGlobe Advanced Constellation: Science & Methods Enabling Agriculture Applications This technical follow up session is the second webinar in our three-part agriculture... webinar
2014/11 DigitalGlobe Advanced Constellation: Summary of Methods Enabling More Efficient Management for Agriculture Based Economies This specialized technology and solutions webinar was developed specifically for... webinar
2014/12 Seeing a Hidden World with WorldView-3 This webinar showcases DigitalGlobe's WorldView-3 satellite and Geospatial Big Data... webinar

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