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Geospatial intelligence is critical to the successful exploitation of new global energy sources. Find hidden opportunities first, know which sites are most promising, and make decisions quickly. Work with complete, accurate data that can be shared with desktop workflows across your project team.

Spatial on Demand® is the largest energy-specific online spatial information database. It integrates directly into desktop workflows and mapping software across your company and around the world.

With Spatial on Demand, you can:

Create a living picture of possible exploration sites over an extended period of time.

Consume complete imaging-content-as-a-service, anytime, anywhere.

Consolidate all of your content into one place for data management and analysis

Seamless delivery at the pace of your business

Whether you need imagery, maps, elevation models, or other spatial data to get your job done, Spatial on Demand seamlessly delivers to desktop applications including ESRI, Global Mapper, Petrel, Geographix, IHS Kingdom and Petra, MESA, Bing Maps, AutoCAD, Google Earth, and more.

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