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Rapid Access Program

Current situational awareness is imperative to stay on top of ever-changing conditions on the ground

Intelligence on demand

The Rapid Access Program (RAP) brings the world’s most advanced commercial imaging satellite constellation directly to your fingertips. RAP delivers the highest commercially available collection priority, predictable access, plus virtual control of imaging operations to help you meet your mission requirements — all from any location on Earth.

Virtual control for mission success

When your mission requires time sensitive collections, high-resolution imagery, and demanding imaging constraints, you need to be in charge of your own data collection to achieve necessary results.

This program gives you virtual control of imagery collection during your purchased satellite access window.

Rapid execution

On-demand imagery collection aligned with your mission

Priority access to industryleading resolution

Images are processed and delivered within six hours of collection

No need to purchase hardware infrastructure

Secure imagery collection and archive access

Simplified tasking and delivery interface

Unlock the DigitalGlobe constellation

Imagery collection should be aligned with your mission requirements and collection timeframes, with the Rapid Access Program you control what gets collected with your purchased satellite access time using the highest available tasking priority.

Access without excess

Typical access-based solutions require heavy infrastructure and hardware footprints that are not cost-effective for most organizations. RAP eliminates large upfront expenditures as all tools are web-based and hosting occurs in a private, securecloud, so you can focus your investment on the access required for your mission.

Satellites at your control

Request image collection and tasking when and where you need it. With a secure web interface, you have control from anywhere on Earth.

Rapid Access secure web portal

Store and access images collected in your private library, including recently tasked, newly acquired imagery.

Actionable GEOINT

With the leading commercially available satellite imagery in accuracy and resolution, you’ll have the GEOINT you need to confidently make critical decisions.

Collection agility

Whether you need point target collections or large area scans the DigitalGlobe constellation has you and your area covered.

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