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Data like you’ve dreamed of

Imagine a living digital library that documents every inch of our changing planet. Now imagine a powerful, cloud-based platform with tools to extract meaningful insights like objects, materials and changes from that library—at scale. Combine the two, and that’s geospatial big data made accessible. That’s GBDX.

Companies are increasingly looking to location intelligence to be a core part of their internal business intelligence. However, deriving location intelligence required very specialized skills from remote sensing and geospatial professionals. GBDX brings the best content and powerful analysis together to extract meaningful insights at any scale.

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Beyond the pixel

The GBDX platform allows you to build, access and run advanced workflows to extract actionable information from the richest source of Earth imagery. GBDX uses Amazon Web Service (AWS) for cloud-based access to all its 19-year global imagery archive and computational resources.

"We wanted to build an analytics database that would describe the built environment without someone having to look at it"

--Gerry Stanley, Product Portfolio Manager, PSMA

Learn how one company engineered location intelligence at a continental scale.

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"“It gives us the ability to look at things that are too large for the human eye to comprehend.”"

--James Crawford, Founder and CEO, Orbital Insight

Discover how GDBX lets Orbital Insight see the forest and the trees all at once.

What can you do with GBDX?


Observe and detect features and objects over large areas using the highest-quality imagery.


Count, measure and classify features or objects over large areas—anywhere on the planet.

Monitor & inform

Track and map changes over time—and make better decisions.


Extract the data you need for better business insight.


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