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A new era in accessing geospatial information

An EarthWatch subscription gives you instant access to the best of DigitalGlobe satellite imagery and geospatial data. And you don't have to be an imagery expert or have in-house tools; EarthWatch is designed to make imagery accessible to anyone who needs it, whether you're concerned with a specific area or the entire globe.

Your organization's challenges are complex and ever-changing; but finding and using geospatial data you need to address those challenges should be simple.

With EarthWatch, stream and download industry-leading geospatial information in a single, powerful solution. Across a variety of industries, including location-based services, civil governments, and energy, EarthWatch is a key component of geospatial workflows.


Update your organization's maps and build derivative products using the highest quality, current basemap, so you can be confident your view of the Earth best represents the situation on the ground.


Keep tabs on your assets, such as pipelines and real estate holdings, to ensure compliance and maintain your competitive edge. Collection alerts within EarthWatch keep you informed when new imagery over your area is available.

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Detecting Change

Keep pace with our ever-changing planet. Access the world's largest imagery library to visualize change as you keep up with urban development, construction, and environmental change.

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Make up-to-date decisions in response to disasters or other rapidly changing situations, and plan for future events with reliable, actionable geospatial information.

EarthWatch offers the flexibility and freedom you need to do your best work

Global coverage

With no geographical restrictions, you define your areas of interest from global coverage, which includes more than 6,000 metropolitan areas in 30 cm resolution.

Premium imagery

Access the highest quality imagery—in resolution, accuracy, and currency. View a highly aesthetic mosaic, or see change over time with access to our 20+ year archive.

Cloud access

Search and download/stream the data you need, when you need it; easily share with others in your organization or integrate into your existing workflow.

Subscription pricing

Pay only for what you use, view, and download.

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