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Direct Access Program

Priority imagery at your command

Your eyes in the sky

Direct access enables defense, intelligence, and commercial customers to integrate ground stations with the world's most advanced satellites. Local control and an encrypted downlink ensure a confidential end-to-end workflow within your communication cone. You get guaranteed access and data distribution rights to meet your needs. Our partnership with MDA gives you access to the DigitalGlobe constellation as well as RADARSAT-2.

Guaranteed access to meet your needs

Directly control a DigitalGlobe satellite after reserving an access window.

Our constellation is your constellation

Dedicated capacity and delivery speeds are guaranteed

Task up to an hour prior to an imaging event and receive data in real time

Manage the source lifecycle to maximize yield against geospatial requirements

Choose your access options

Our program gives you ready access through:

Direct tasking

End-to-end control from your site via an allocated Satellite Access Window.

Premium indirect tasking

Securely planned high-priority tasking executed by DigitalGlobe.

Imagery archive ordering

Order imagery from the world's largest archive, delivered to you via file transfer protocol (FTP).

Ways to use the Direct Access program

Situational monitoring for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance

Transparency for evolving global insecurity

Enhanced monitoring techniques for enforcing border controls

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