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Building Footprints

Precision, GIS-ready polygons for expedited analysis

Take your analysis further

Ecopia Building Footprints powered by DigitalGlobe takes care of the tedious work, so you can focus on the analysis. By leveraging the most advanced high-resolution satellite imagery, artificial intelligence, and cloud-compute power available, we build and deliver precision footprint shapefiles at the scale your projects demand.

Understand the built environment like never before

Organizations across all industries are spending too much time and money procuring and producing data only to obtain building footprints derived from inaccurate and outdated sources. Your organization needs to detect and classify infrastructure, and you need a resource you can trust to be both precise and up-to-date. DigitalGlobe offers both at the scale you need, from individual metros to entire continents.

Rapid production ensures you receive up-to-date building footprints for your specific area of interest.

Building Footprints Sample

Feel confident in your data

Semi-automated footprint extraction combines the best of artificial intelligence and human analysis for consistent, geometrically accurate outlines of each structure's ground-level footprint across dynamic built environments.


More than 95% valid interpretation

Global availability

No geographical restrictions

Rapid production

40 million footprints produced per month


Metadata includes image and extraction dates

Accelerate your workflow

Quickly identify emerging opportunities or risks by expediting and enhancing the way you procure and produce data.

USA off-the-shelf

Focused on the United States or a specific city within the country? Access GIS-ready shapefiles today.

Built-to-order global building footprints

Access global, current data with select areas available off the shelf. All other areas are available upon request with rapid production and/or refresh. Order includes geometrically accurate outlines of each structure's ground-level footprint, complete with metadata containing image date and extraction date.

Comparing footprints

Accuracy (footprint geometry) Coverage Updates / maintenance schedule Vintage / source data date Source data resolution Source data horizontal accuracy License Product spec
Ecopia Building Footprints powered by DigitalGlobe 95% accurate 169 million
Entire US
US: Semi-annual
Global: On-demand
< 12 months - 36 months old 50 cm or better +/- 4 M CE90 Commercial licenses available to support integration and/or resale, providing customer retention of derived intellectual property (IP) Yes
Open source building footprints Varied, not specified across dataset 125 Million
74% of US
No set schedule Variable, unattributed, produced indiscriminately Produced indiscriminately. Not Specificed. Not specified ODBL License requires all integrated data and/or derived intellectual property (IP) be shared publicly via ODBL No

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