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DigitalGlobe's Advanced Elevation Suite provides the highest quality digital elevation models (DEMs), available off-the-shelf or custom-built. With global coverage and options for accuracy and resolution, our models are GIS-ready, so you can focus on analysis, not processing.

Traditional satellite imagery provides valuable information about on-ground conditions. But the world is a three-dimensional place, and 2D imagery only shows part of the picture. Elevation models enable you to measure and analyze your project in 3D for a more complete picture of the situations that matter to your organization.

Dimension matters

DigitalGlobe's elevation models are a key component in a variety of geospatial applications.

Construction planning

Evaluate areas, create a visualization, and estimate costs.

Disaster modeling

Identify areas at-risk for flooding, earthquake damage and other natural disasters, then plan your response.

Hazard assessment

Build flood models to predict storm surge/sea level rise, landslides, and pipeline spill mitigation.

Telco applications

Calculate signal propagation and determine line of sight for network optimization and microwave backhaul.

Volumetrics and change detection

Monitor mine operations and plan for earth-moving and construction.

Lithology, geology and geophysics analysis

Identify faults and outcroppings to link surface and subsurface data.

Quality and coverage

The best DEMs start with the best imagery. DigitalGlobe’s high-resolution, highly accurate global image library and rapid collection capabilities provide the content required to create the industry’s best DEMs of anywhere on Earth. Traditional elevation models are made from two images over an area.

Elevation models powered by DigitalGlobe imagery are created using billions of correlations between every pixel of every overlapping image over an area. This method, known as multi-view photogrammetry, minimizes occlusion and unlocks levels of detail and accuracy previously unavailable from any space-borne elevation technology. DigitalGlobe DEMs combine several images from our vast image library.

Elevation anywhere in the world

DigitalGlobe leverages our industry-leading global image archive to produce elevation models sourced from fresh stereo collections or derived from cross-track and multi-look technologies, depending on your project’s unique requirements.

GIS-ready Stereo DEMs

Full-service DSM and DTM elevation models tasked on demand with the worlds most advanced stereo collection satellite, as well as contours and hillshades built at 2m, 4m or 8m accuracy and resolution. Allows multiple options to meet the needs of individual projects.

Multilook-3D Elevation

50cm to 10m DSMs, 50cm DTMs, point clouds, True Orthos, and fully textured 3D models. All with an accuracy of 3m SE90, available globally and derived directly from the vast DigitalGlobe image archive with no requirements for ground control.

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