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Hurricane Michael

DigitalGlobe's interactive map shows the predicted buildings at risk of flooding from Hurricane Michael’s storm surge along the Florida coastline from Pensacola to just north of Tampa. DigitalGlobe used its GBDX Notebooks product to intersect the Ecopia U.S. Building Footprints powered by DigitalGlobe with NOAA’s Public Advisory #16 storm surge prediction (from 11 a.m. ET on10/10/18 – right before landfall) to identify and attribute each building with the predicted depth of storm surge.

Ecopia U.S. Building Footprints powered by DigitalGlobe are the first high-precision, GIS-ready building footprints dataset of the entire United States. They are created using Ecopia Tech Corporation’s proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms combined with DigitalGlobe’s current, high-resolution commercial satellite imagery, resulting in a greater than 95% accuracy rating, a uniquely high percentage in the industry.

When viewing the map at a wide view, you’ll see lots of different colored dots. Each dot represents a building that’s predicted to be impacted by storm surge. The .different colors represent different NOAA predicted storm surge depths (color legend included on the map). As you zoom in to a more specific area, you’ll see the data for each building inside your viewing area.

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