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Breaking down the biggest challenges

Monitoring poverty, hunger, and health; observing trends in education and gender equality; better understanding the effects of climate change; and protecting human rights are all critical challenges that we face today. Much of the difficulty in confronting these challenges is in finding the foundational data to begin to understand the problems better.

These issues concern the location and changes in population, homes, schools, vegetation, infrastructure, energy and other features on the ground. And to better understand how these components impact each situation, civil governments as well as global humanitarian and development organizations are turning to satellite imagery and geospatial data for comprehensive maps and context. With the rich information contained in high-resolution satellite imagery, organizations, analysts, and even locals harnessed through crowdsourcing can build maps that tell a new, more comprehensive story at any scale.

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See how geospatial data is playing an impactful role in all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Building a better world

DigitalGlobe has a rich history of work and collaboration in this space. We proudly partner with organizations tackling all Sustainable Development Goals. By combining our industry-leading technology with the collective intelligence of our people, partners and customers, we empower civil, local and national organizations to solve the planet’s toughest problems.

Foundational geospatial data supports critical insights into the natural and built environments

High-resolution imagery

Build more accurate maps and gain greater clarity with the fidelity of our 30 cm resolution imagery.

Global coverage

We collect about 3 million sq km of high-resolution imagery each day, continuously feeding our 18-year, 100+ petabyte global imagery archive.


Our cloud-based GBDX and crowdsourcing platforms offer automated and manual feature identification and extraction for scalable analytics.


We have dedicated teams to serve governments, NGOs, and GDOs around the world, ensuring unique insight and tailored solutions to meet your toughest challenges.

Working directly with the source gives you expedited access to higher quality data and service

Disaster response

Safely deliver the right people and supplies to the areas that need it most with a comprehensive view of the impact.

Crisis management

Improve situational awareness and decision making by monitoring changing conditions from a safe distance.

Sustainable development

Enrich your understanding of the interplay between the built and natural environment for more harmonious planning.

Global health

Help mitigate the spread of disease and monitor human security by tracking infections and other factors.

Renewable energy

Identify and track changes in relevant infrastructure for better planning and investment decisions.


Evaluate current conditions in the areas of interest and monitor change over time.


Better understand and track crop health to increase productivity or overall yield.

Natural resource monitoring

Protect precious resources by monitoring areas for natural impacts or threats from illegal operations.

Global development solutions

Open Data Program

Accurate, high-resolution satellite imagery to support recovery efforts in the wake of large-scale natural disasters

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Streaming access to the satellite imagery you need, when and where you need it

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Cloud analytics platform enables fast and scalable insights that are foundational to understanding global challenges

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Building Footprints

Precision, analyst-ready building footprint polygons for scalable analysis of the built-environment

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Together, we can accomplish more

We're committed to empowering organizations and governments to achieve their unique goals. With your expertise, the right questions, and our data and technology, we can make the impossible seem possible together.

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