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Critical data and tools for high-definition mapping programs

Investments in autonomous technology

For organizations investing in proprietary geospatial information systems, imagery teams, and technology, satellite imagery strips gives you flexibility in tailoring data to better fit your workflow and/or derived products.

Navigating beyond the horizon

Remote sensors on a vehicle help it understand its surroundings and identify passing cars, street furniture, and more. But improving safety and autonomous navigation requires a foundational map so the vehicle knows what’s ahead, around the corner, and across town. Rather than rely on traditional map-system suppliers that fuel the autonomous ecosystem, developers are increasingly choosing to build their own high-definition (HD) maps. This investment provides greater flexibility and privacy, allowing companies to innovate at their own pace with their own maps.

High-quality geospatial data is critical to realizing the vision of safe autonomous vehicles and a superior customer experience for rideshare providers and logistics.

Build your own HD maps

Select foundational data layers and vectorize features critical to your autonomous program strategy—without sharing results—for true competitive differentiation.

Enrich you real-time data with real-world context

Create maps over large or small areas based on your unique specifications.

Extract data at scale

Leverage our industry-leading, 100+ petabyte image library to run or train proprietary algorithms and vectorize features at scale.

Optimize your product

High-quality geospatial data provides updated information on how cities are growing and changing, which gives an edge on improved service to your end users.

Choose a partner, not a vendor

Maps are at the center of mobility technology. From apps to autonomous vehicles, DigitalGlobe is the industry leader in global, high-resolution satellite imagery technology and derived geospatial data. We assist partners at all levels, from direct data ingest to user-ready imagery products.

Transform your operations without sacrificing your valuable IP, which will be key in the future of customer experience differentiation. Choose a partner invested in your success.

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