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In a rapidly changing landscape, a successful mission hinges on the most up-to-date geointelligence.

Without Global EGD, deploying with days-old GEOINT limits your team's ability to anticipate and adapt to changes in the operational environment.

Use the toggle below to see before and after the attacks at the Benghazi Airport.

Global EGD provides mobile access to the most recent imagery, so you can adapt with a living picture of your area of interest.

Toggle to see the Kathmandu airport change over time.

Collaborate with shareable GEOINT

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With restricted GEOINT, information cannot be shared with partners on joint missions.

When the use of GEOINT is restricted to US forces, joint planning is limited, increasing operational risk.

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Global-EGD provides mobile access to the most recent, shareable imagery, so you can adapt with a living picture of your area-of-interest.

Access GEOINT in the cloud, when and where you need it

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Unstable communication systems complicate the navigation of a crisis environment.

First responders can find hard-copy GEOINT useless when they are slowed or halted by unforeseen conditions on the ground.

Use the slider to see the after effects of Hurricane Sandy.


Global EGD provides mobile access to the most recent imagery, so you can adapt with a living picture of your area-of-interest.

Keep up with evolving events on the ground with our rapidly updated imagery.

The DigitalGlobe cloud platform dovetails with emerging U.S. Department of Defense mobile applications, so you can quickly monitor a changing environment.

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Understand and mitigate crises around the globe

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Halting the spread of the recent Ebola outbreak was further complicated by sociocultural factors.

A variety of ethnic and culturally-driven practices challenged first-responders in efforts to control the pandemic's spread.

Toggle below to see the spread of ebola over time.

DigitalGlobe supported the US response with Landscape +Human datasets. Layered with our high-resolution imagery, this unclassified GEOINT could be shared with relief organizations.

Toggle below to see cultural areas of relevance in the city of Monrovia.

Geospatially accurate Landscape +Human datasets provide an instant human geography foundation for crisis operational planning.

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