Minimize risk, seize opportunity

Geospatial data mitigates the risks inherent in mining by providing clear insight for capital investment and daily operations. Detail-rich imagery reveals what you visually cannot see: pathfinder minerals, small outcrops, and detailed structures in remote regions. Continuous elevation changes in an open pit mine. Vegetation damage due to leaching. And pre-activity baseline imagery helps you meet government regulations while avoiding opportunistic fraud. You get global coverage plus cost-effective imagery delivered regardless of local constraints.

Deliver against reclamation agreements at mine sites

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Mine reclamation is both socially responsible and enforced by the government.

Mine reclamation is a complex process with many variables. Strict requirements must be met and consequences of failure can be extremely damaging to both the planet and to the bottom line.

With DigitalGlobe, begin tracking the process early on with high-resolution imagery and geospatial information. This supports site and project teams' understanding of the location of minerals — both profitable and detrimental — and provides a record of reclamation compliance.

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Find and evaluate mineral deposits at scale

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Efficient exploration is critical for mining companies.

Traditional methods of geological exploration are both time-consuming and expensive.

Since 2001, ASTER's coarse SWIR bands have proven their utility in mineral exploration. Now, with high-resolution SWIR imagery from DigitalGlobe, mining companies can far more clearly understand the presence and patterns of pathfinding minerals before investing in field deployments.

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Determine mineral categories and distribution at mining sites

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Site reclamation is a necessity in mining.

Tailings (especially ponds) are a significant environmental liability for mining companies. In certain regions, a tailings storage and disposal plan is required prior to the start of mining operations.

Geospatial information can help your company recognize materials at mining sites so that they remain in compliance before, during, and after development.

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