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Human Landscape

Global human footprints revealed. Comprehensive DigitalGlobe human geography data in an analyst-ready format that accelerates mission response time while reducing operating costs. For knowledgeable GIS professionals.

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The insight of a massive human network. Leverage thousands of imagery analysts who detect objects in imagery and enrich geospatial datasets.  All data is validated by advanced consensus algorithms. For anyone who needs wisdom of the crowd to understand a situation on the ground.

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Analysis Reports

Timely situational assessments. Expert geospatial analyst-created imagery and predictive reports provide early insights into the business, market, military, environmental and political changes that impact people every day around the world. For all decision makers.

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Analytic Services

Location-based risk predictions. Visualize incident probabilities for proactive strategies. Our predictive analytics uncovers patterns that highlight areas of interest and rank event risks. For clients tasked to anticipate and thwart threats.

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Marine Services

Better ocean fishing by satellite. Find more fish faster using daily datasets on ocean conditions. Color-coded maps delivered at sea help deep-sea fishing operations locate the closest, most productive fishing grounds. For open-ocean sea captains.

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The DigitalGlobe is about expertise.

Our team of experts can help you find insights that would otherwise be hidden. With DigitalGlobe as your trusted partner, we can transform imagery and geospatial data into information and action.

See Security.

Only DigitalGlobe could protect the Rio Olympics from space. By combining our best-in-class Earth imaging with decades of real-world human experience, we created a comprehensive package to help security planners protect athletes and spectators. Actionable intelligence helped identify areas of risk, prepare for possible scenarios, solve threatening problems—and succeed in keeping participants safe.

We see things others cannot see. What can you do with the DigitalGlobe?


Harness the unmatched quality, resolution and accuracy of the world’s most advanced imaging capabilities.

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Unlock critical information about our changing planet with our powerful, flexible platforms.

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