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About DigitalGlobe

At DigitalGlobe, we believe the answers to some of the world's most pressing problems are within reach if we elevate our perspective and see things more objectively, more holistically—from space.

Unmatched quality & versatility


DigitalGlobe is the first company to deliver 30cm resolution imagery, delivering clearer, richer images that empower informed decision-making.

Global coverage

Our satellite constellation has a daily image capacity of more than three million square kilometers, ensuring currency as well as continuously enriching the world’s largest image library.

Spectral capabilities

Our multi and super-spectral capabilities allow you to see through clouds and smoke, as well as easily distinguish between materials on the Earth's surface.

Precision accuracy

Our advanced accuracy technology ensures content from DigitalGlobe is as closely aligned as possible to a known lat/long coordinate on the surface of the Earth.

The DigitalGlobe constellation

Advanced technology to collect the most reliable geospatial data available

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Every day we ask new questions and find answers never before possible.

Leadership team

Our history

DigitalGlobe pioneered and continues to lead remote sensing innovation, making geospatial data and insights more accessible and more valuable to all industries.

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The latest from the industry leader in geospatial information

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