Committed to Customers

A strong commitment to customers.

As part of our Committed to Customers (C2C) program, we seek opportunities to hear from our customers through many channels—from our semi-annual C2C survey to our Customer Advisory board. Customer feedback is invaluable. It helps us focus on what matters most, and make informed strategic decisions about how to improve the experiences and solutions we provide.

We have been working hard over the last year to make investments in the areas identified by customers in the C2C Survey. These efforts reflect our ongoing commitment to deliver a world-class experience and put the customer at the center of all we do.

C2C impacts every part of DigitalGlobe

Stephanie Comfort, SVP Corporate Marketing/Communications/Strategy


Three steps to higher customer loyalty

DigitalGlobe has mapped out a simple approach to improving customer loyalty:


Engaging our customer community to actively solicit feedback throughout your journey

We do this through an annual survey administered through the Web. It consists of a core set of questions that is customized and specific to your business. The key is to ask enough questions to understand how you feel and why you feel that way, without overwhelming you with questions. Based on DigitalGlobe’s efforts to lean out the question set, we are working to make the survey 10-15 minutes to complete, about half the time of last year’s survey.


Analyze and prioritize customer insights re: strategic goals & operational improvements

Each survey response offers deep insight into what you value and how well we are providing that value. Using the survey results we can determine how and to what extent to act on this information to enhance your loyalty to DigitalGlobe.


Identification of specific activities and plans to measure success of improvements

A summary of the key takeaways from the survey, as DigitalGlobe understands them, drives the creation of action plans regarding how we plan to address the takeaways. A report back once the items have been addressed, to ensure they meet your needs is one of the most critical aspects of continued partnership.

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Feedback & Comments

We are dedicated to delivering a truly world-class experience by continuously improving the way we listen, analyze and act upon what our customers and partners tell us.

We always welcome your feedback, and look forward to sharing more updates on activities taking place at DigitalGlobe.

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