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Only DigitalGlobe combines unmatched resolution, accuracy, global coverage and experience.

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Harness the unmatched quality, resolution and accuracy of the world’s most advanced imaging capabilities.

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Unlock critical information about our changing planet with our powerful, flexible platforms.

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DigitalGlobe | Radiant delivers actionable insight to solve your toughest challenges.

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Tap into the DigitalGlobe.

The Earth matters to us. So we're translating the majesty and nuance of our planet into a living digital inventory of change called the DigitalGlobe. Its truth and precision will allow you to answer any question about our planet with confidence.

Success Stories

UBER looks to the skies for better passenger pickups.

DigitalGlobe stereo imagery optimizes wireless network design.

Nigeria modernizes outdated maps with unprecedented accuracy.

Facebook relies on DigitalGlobe to help connect the world.

DigitalGlobe Agrees to Combine with MDA

DigitalGlobe has agreed to combine with SSL MDA Holdings, the U.S. operating company of MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (“MDA”). The combination represents an opportunity to create an integrated geospatial leader with end-to-end solutions.

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Our newest satellite more than doubles our capacity to collect the highest resolution multispectral images commercially available.

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When is a pixel
not a pixel?

When it wasn’t there to begin with. Resampling can’t compensate for low-resolution imagery, and post-processing software can’t create information that wasn’t captured in the first place.

With unsurpassed native resolution and locational accuracy, the images in DigitalGlobe’s library contain significantly more information than resampled lower-resolution alternatives. We call this superior image quality True30 and True50.*

*True30: collected resolution 39.99 cm or less & accuracy 3–5m CE90 or better. True50: collected resolution 40–59.99 cm & accuracy 3–5m CE90 or better.

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