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Customize a map

Satellite imagery is the foundation of geospatial insight. Whether a map is central to your project or simply for visual context, DigitalGlobe offers best-in-class imagery, privacy, and flexibility to integrate into your existing applications.

Start with the right foundation

High-resolution, up-to-date maps deliver valuable context—an advantageous difference between making informed decisions and taking a guess.

Apps & navigation

As smart devices saturate the market, we become more reliant on apps to point us in the right direction. See how we can help you improve customer satisfaction.

Emergency response & relief

When lives are on the line, there is no room for error. Access the coverage you need, no matter how remote the area of interest, to help you plan evacuation routes and assess damage.

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Community management

From infrastructure to land use assessments, local governments have a lot of ground to cover with limited resources. Help your citizens live, work, and play better.

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Monitor change

Sometimes you need a change of perspective to see what’s really going on. Transcend the ground game for critical information that will better equip you to mitigate risk, deploy resources efficiently, and stay competitive in a fast-paced business or political environment.

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What is there now? What was it like before?

Better understand or predict the impact of change with historical and current perspective that only a 19-year, 100+ petabyte library of high-resolution satellite imagery can provide.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure environmental and safety compliance conformance across utilities, mining, oil & gas, and other regulated industries.

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Urban planning

Track urban development for more comprehensive city planning.

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Mission planning & security

Maintain security and identify potential threats by monitoring mobilization and infrastructure changes.

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Identify and classify objects

You can't manage what you don't measure. But sometimes measuring is easier said than done. Accurate planning and strategic decision making require a sound understanding of your organizations internal and external environment. When you're swimming in data, you need to quickly find the right information to move from question to action.

Find patterns—at scale

Where are your remote assets, infrastructure, customers, and competitors? They are all out there—but they’re not out of reach. Our advanced machine learning tools and current geospatial data expedite and scale analysis to deliver critical information sooner.

Resource deployment

Plan and deploy resources more effectively for humanitarian aid efforts, civil government programs, and global development initiatives.

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Wireless network planning

Identify potential obstructions and optimize your network infrastructure to improve coverage and increase capacity.

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Population mapping

Find and quantify the people or communities that matter to your organization so you can better reach or serve them.

Existing population maps for many remote parts of the world are outdated, so to reach the 4.2 billion people still offline, Facebook is analyzing billions of DigitalGlobe’s highest-resolution images to create the most accurate population density models ever.

Starting from DigitalGlobe’s mosaic of the globe at 50cm resolution, Facebook’s computer-vision algorithms leverage our Geospatial Big Data platform, GBDX, to identify man-made structures as a proxy for where people live. Facebook can then see how best to deploy terrestrial networks, satellites, and its massive solar-powered Aquila drones to provide low-cost Internet connectivity to the developing world.

Advances like these, in cloud computing and deep learning, help everyone. That’s why we’ll be adding population estimation tools to GBDX’s platform, to allow us all to build and innovate together.

Access and analyze geospatial data

Your complex questions require complex solutions. When existing data and tools aren't sufficient, leverage the power of our cloud-based platform to access critical location intelligence. Our robust ecosystem offers a spectrum of simplified tools to manipulate geospatial data and imagery with advanced analytics. Build your own or run proprietary algorithms at scale to extract valuable information.

What's trending? What’s changing? What's next?

Take advantage of this collaborative network of data scientists, algorithm tools, and the world’s largest dataset of geospatial data and imagery.

Financial services

Uncover trends to inform trades and investments.

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Academic research

Conduct revolutionary research about any place on Earth.

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Risk management & mitigation

Improve accuracy and scalability of risk assessments to respond or resolve claims sooner.

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