Raising awareness

On Friday, November 8, 2013, devastation hit the Phillipines. Use the before and after image sliders of Super Typhoon Haiyan below to see the extent of the storm’s damage. To view, please click on the arrows in the center of each slider and drag right and left.


  • Imagery access

    Public imagery access

    In support of Operation Damayan, the US Government has requested that DigitalGlobe imagery be temporarily released and licensed to the public for humanitarian purposes. In response to this request, we have established special accounts on our cloud services platform that enable access to Typhoon Haiyan-related imagery. The accounts and access methods are listed below:

    My DigitalGlobe

    Username: public
    Password: view

    Access My DigitalGlobe

    OGC Services

    Connect ID: 1ad41a7a-2a21-4221-b524-94aa6b63cdf4




    Google Earth KMZ File

    AGOL Services

    For the ArcGIS community, we have elected to provide the DigitalGlobe FirstLook Premium Service content as an Mosaic Image Service. The service and content contained therein can temporarily be used for emergency response and humanitarian operations.

    DG Premium Service Pre-Event

    DG Premium Service Post-Event


    Imagery accessed through these services is provided under the NextView license:


    (a) (U) In support of emergencies, disasters, and humanitarian efforts, the NGA may disseminate and/or post on open web sites imagery licensed under this contract regardless of whether the recipients are within the NextView license user groups. The imagery will contain the copyright notice and the NextView license notice.

  • Pitch in

    Join us in mapping damage caused by the storm

    Join in the support effort. Join Tomnod’s crowdsourcing campaign to help us map damage in the Philippines caused by Super Typhoon Haiyan.


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