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  • 07.07.14

    DigitalGlobe's Expanding Constellation: Enables Good, Better, and Best Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industries

    This webinar is the first in our three-part series focused on the Oil & Gas Industry. The mid-level webinar will showcase how the DigitalGlobe advanced, high resolution constellation enables unique value for the oil & gas industry and how the upcoming WorldView-3 satellite capabilities can enable even more beneficial value.
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    By: Dr. Kumar Navulur
  • 05.22.14

    The Next Renaissance in Global Mineral Exploration - High Resolution Satellite SWIR

    Listen to this specialized technology and solutions webinar developed specifically for mining professionals. Learn how DigitalGlobe's advanced, very high-resolution constellation enables unique value for the mining industry and how WorldView-3's capabilities will provide greater benefits that enable better decision making. The webinar covers solutions and in-depth technical aspects of SWIR capabilities, in addition to highlighting expected outcomes across exploration, reclamation and operations.
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    By: Bill Baugh
  • 05.14.14

    Safer Corporate Oil and Gas Activities with WorldView

    There are three spheres in oil and gas operations that lean upon the same terrain data: corporate social responsibility investments in local communities; environmental sensitivity readiness at strategic, tactical and operational levels; and monitoring of engineering infrastructure conditions and affections. GMV makes the most of WorldView imagery, procuring oil industries with an EO-based service that integrates engineering, environmental and societal targets of production. In this Webinar, GMV presents insights of feature-based terrain classifications, the information structure for detailed land cover classification, eco-habitat sensitivity mapping and oil spills associated to engineering infrastructures: oil pools, trench oil accumulations, oil dumped soils, broad spills and combustion footprints.
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    By: Antonio Araujo
  • 04.23.14

    Detailed Geological Mapping to Support 3D Geological Modeling and Fracture Analysis

    NPA has developed a novel suite of mapping technologies using Worldview-2 and other VHR datasets to accurately and swiftly map detailed structural settings to define fault-fold geometry, bedding dip and fracture analysis. Using the interpreted geology from the surface mapping of structures, stratigraphy and dip analysis, NPA can derive cross sections constructed in 2-D Move. This begins with picking dips from the outcrop shown by the imagery as dipping rock strata and relating them to a VHR imagery-derived DEM. This data is then converted to dip and strike in a database file that is used to display dip symbols and amounts in ArcGIS.
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    By: Dr. Duncan Witts
  • 04.03.14

    DigitalGlobe's Expanding Constellation, Part II: A Deep Dive into the Technology Supporting Good, Better and Best Solutions for Open-Pit Mining

    This webinar provides an overview of how the DigitalGlobe constellation and WorldView-3's capabilities enable unique value for the mining industry by providing greater benefits to enable better decision making. This webinar also highlights solutions and in-depth technical aspects of SWIR capabilities, expected outcomes across exploration, reclamation and operations.
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    By: Bill Baugh
  • 03.19.14

    PhotoSat's Engineering Quality WorldView Topographic Mapping

    Vancouver-based PhotoSat has developed a technology to produce highly accurate topographic base maps. The geophysicists at PhotoSat have applied signal enhancement, noise attenuation and image matching from oil and gas exploration seismic data processing to produce highly accurate topographic base maps from stereo satellite photos.
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    By: Gerry Mitchell P. Geo
  • 03.18.14

    DigitalGlobe's Expanding Constellation Enables Good, Better and Best Solutions for Open-Pit Mining

    Listen to one of our recognized industry experts to learn about how DigitalGlobe's advanced, very high-resolution constellation enables unique value for the open pit mining industry and how WorldView-3's capabilities provide even greater benefits. The webinar covers the subject matter at a non-technical, solutions-focused level and highlights outcomes across exploration, reclamation and operations.
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    By: Bill Baugh
  • 11.06.13

    DigitalGlobe Imagery Expedites Mineral Exploration in Africa

    The resource sector boom on the African continent demands accurate, high-resolution geological map data for mineral exploration. Existing geological data is generally outdated, coarse scale and often hard to come by. Southern Mapping Company, through its satellite-based mineral mapping unit, recently demonstrated how the use of 8-band WorldView-2 data was able to enhance spectral based image analysis of chrome deposits in Madagascar. The WorldView-2 data was able to detect outcrops not seen on coarser imagery thereby enhancing the prospecting phase in situ.
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    By: Alex Fortescue
  • 10.23.13

    Geology, Exploration and WorldView-3 SWIR

    Mineral exploration for both ore deposits and hydrocarbons (oil/gas) depends on finding patterns that point to a profitable deposit. The actual material of interest, whether it is gold, oil, or something else, is not detectable by imagery and optical remote sensing. Instead, the exploration geologist must understand models that describe how these economic deposits form. Using these models, the geologist seeks clues in the environment that point to a deeply buried mother lode. Optical remote sensing, particularly in the shortwave infrared (SWIR), can reveal very specific clues that the geologist needs for successful mineral exploration. WorldView-3 (WV3) data will fill a previously unoccupied niche for mineral exploration because of its 8 SWIR bands and high spatial resolution. A NASA satellite, called ASTER, had SWIR bands similar to those on WV3. It was widely used by exploration geologists, and likely all known areas of interest in the world were collected by ASTER before the failure of its SWIR sensor a few years ago. Compared to ASTER's 30 meter pixels, however, WV3 (3.7 meter SWIR) has dramatically better spatial resolution. This webinar focuses on optical remote sensing methods for seeking environmental clues that can lead to finding economic mineral deposits. Spectral matching verses indices.
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    By: Bill Baugh
  • 09.04.13

    WorldView-2 Imagery and Derived Elevation for Mineral Exploration

    CGG NPA Satellite Mapping Ltd undertakes mineral exploration & mining industry activities across a wide range of deposit styles and across the lifecycle of mining activities from reconnaissance exploration to mine remediation. NPA presents the results of a shear-zone hosted Au-deposit from the Archean Greenstone belt in West Africa, one in which the client already had an established mine and where they wanted to better understand any further mineral potential of the license. This webinar covers DEM extraction and associated issues in this particular region as well as 1:10,000 scale geological interpretation integrated, for context, with supplementary datasets. Similar procedures can be applied to other locations across the world with or without supplementary geophysical/field data.
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    By: Charlotte Bishop