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  • 09.25.13

    Indexes and Thematic Maps for Urban Planning and Soil Loss Evaluation

    Urban planning processes need updated information as well as support tools and systems to monitor plan impact. Using remotely-sensed data, including data from WorldView-2, Planetek Italia has developed standardized geospatial products to help support urban planning processes.
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    By: Claudio La Mantia
  • 05.08.13

    Proteus: Satellite Derived Seabed Mapping Products

    Satellite Derived Bathymetry Seabed Classification is not a new concept. Since the first remote sensing satellites orbited the earth, various techniques have been applied to try to accurately map sea and lakebeds - with little success. In the past few years, the consortium of Proteus, EOMAP and DigitalGlobe has successfully worked together to create satellite derived water-mapping products that are affordable, fast and accurate. The focus of this webinar is to share information on the process and results to date from live projects carried out around the world.
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    By: David Critchley