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  • 09.25.13

    Indexes and Thematic Maps for Urban Planning and Soil Loss Evaluation

    Urban planning processes need updated information as well as support tools and systems to monitor plan impact. Using remotely-sensed data, including data from WorldView-2, Planetek Italia has developed standardized geospatial products to help support urban planning processes.
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    By: Claudio La Mantia
  • 06.12.13

    ABACO: A Land Knowledge Management System for Agriculture and Cadastre

    Abaco's agriculture and territory platform is one of the most established systems used across Municipalities and Paying Agencies in Europe and is rapidly being adopted throughout the rest of the world. Abaco's technology leverages a decade's worth of DigitalGlobe imagery, in addition to its efficient Cloud computing technologies, to provide affordable, all-in-one, management solutions to hundreds of central and local public administrations as well as municipalities, farming cooperatives and taxing authorities.
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    By: Brooke Tapsall