Upcoming Webinars

  • 08.29.17

    Announcing WorldView-4 Commercial Availability

    Learn about commercial products and features sourced from WorldView-4, our new industry leading Earth imaging satellite. With WorldView-4, customers can see even more of our ever-changing planet in the highest quality possible in the industry.
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    By: Deke Young | Senior Director of Product Management DigitalGlobe
  • 09.26.17

    Satellite Imagery Applications in the Mining Lifecycle

    AngloGold Ashanti’s own GIS Specialist, Miranda Wilson, joins us for a live webinar to share how her team is transforming operations with unprecedented accuracy and reliability.
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    By: Miranda Wilson | GIS Specialist AngloGold Ashanti

Past Webinars

  • 07.07.14

    DigitalGlobe's Expanding Constellation: Enables Good, Better, and Best Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industries

    This webinar is the first in our three-part series focused on the Oil & Gas Industry. The mid-level webinar will showcase how the DigitalGlobe advanced, high resolution constellation enables unique value for the oil & gas industry and how the upcoming WorldView-3 satellite capabilities can enable even more beneficial value.
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    By: Dr. Kumar Navulur
  • 06.19.14

    Spatial on Demand: Discover the DigitalGlobe Basemap +Energy for Oil and Gas

    Without complete, reliable data, it's nearly impossible to get a truly informed picture of the areas where you're exploring, appraising and producing - there are too many unknowns and too much risk. What if you could: 1. Create a living picture of possible exploration sites over an extended period of time? 2. Consume complete imaging-content-as-a-service, anytime, anywhere? 3. Consolidate all of your content into one place for a single source answer? Listen to this webinar to learn how working with the new DigitalGlobe Basemap +Energy from Spatial on Demand(R), the cloud-based data management system used by over 70 oil and gas enterprises globally, allows you to source information across the enterprise from a complete, accurate, and consistent picture of the world to unlock the ability for your end users to make smarter and more effective decisions.
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    By: Kenyon Waugh
  • 06.05.14

    From Pixels to Mission

    This webinar provides a basic understanding of the relationship between source data and source data preparation in a military/simulation and training context. During the webinar, you will learn about: Pre-requisites for building virtual applications for military/simulation and training; contemporary military/simulation workflow from satellite data to virtual training; tools available to increase the process from acquiring the source data to the training session; end-user systems and integrating the source data; the difference between live virtual and constructive simulation and the respective impact on the source data; the current work-flow from satellite data to military simulation and training systems; and the importance of correlated terrain-databases in an LVC environment.
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    By: Ulf Krahn
  • 05.27.14

    Basemap+Vivid: DigitalGlobe's High Resolution, Seamless Map of the World

    DigitalGlobe launched Basemap + Vivid to provide country basemaps with superior accuracy, completeness and consistency. We're able to offer this product due to our vast imagery archive, sophisticated image processing algorithms, and a global content program that combine to create the highest quality map of the world. Listen to this webinar to learn how Basemap +Vivid: provides a powerful decision-making tool that readily meets specific business requirements and regulations across a broad range of industries and applications; requires no tasking or traditional order processing, providing immediate, cost-effective, off-the-shelf availability of imagery; and saves time and money by eliminating the resources and time needed to search, procure, manipulate, aggregate and stitch data.
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    By: Kevin Bullock
  • 05.22.14

    The Next Renaissance in Global Mineral Exploration - High Resolution Satellite SWIR

    Listen to this specialized technology and solutions webinar developed specifically for mining professionals. Learn how DigitalGlobe's advanced, very high-resolution constellation enables unique value for the mining industry and how WorldView-3's capabilities will provide greater benefits that enable better decision making. The webinar covers solutions and in-depth technical aspects of SWIR capabilities, in addition to highlighting expected outcomes across exploration, reclamation and operations.
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    By: Bill Baugh
  • 05.20.14

    DigitalGlobe's FirstLook +Insight: Online Subscription Service for Emergency Management

    FirstLook gets priority tasking of DigitalGlobe's industry leading satellite constellation, which takes precedence in image collection during natural disasters, man-made disasters, political unrest situations, and human interest events. In the event of a catastrophe, insurance companies need to help their customers recover from the unexpected. Although you cannot control the weather, you can control the way you respond to it. Using FirstLook +Insight for damage assessment allows you to immediately understand your exposure to a particular event and be more proactive about communicating impact to property to your customers.
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    By: Glenn Reese
  • 05.14.14

    Safer Corporate Oil and Gas Activities with WorldView

    There are three spheres in oil and gas operations that lean upon the same terrain data: corporate social responsibility investments in local communities; environmental sensitivity readiness at strategic, tactical and operational levels; and monitoring of engineering infrastructure conditions and affections. GMV makes the most of WorldView imagery, procuring oil industries with an EO-based service that integrates engineering, environmental and societal targets of production. In this Webinar, GMV presents insights of feature-based terrain classifications, the information structure for detailed land cover classification, eco-habitat sensitivity mapping and oil spills associated to engineering infrastructures: oil pools, trench oil accumulations, oil dumped soils, broad spills and combustion footprints.
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    By: Antonio Araujo
  • 04.23.14

    Detailed Geological Mapping to Support 3D Geological Modeling and Fracture Analysis

    NPA has developed a novel suite of mapping technologies using Worldview-2 and other VHR datasets to accurately and swiftly map detailed structural settings to define fault-fold geometry, bedding dip and fracture analysis. Using the interpreted geology from the surface mapping of structures, stratigraphy and dip analysis, NPA can derive cross sections constructed in 2-D Move. This begins with picking dips from the outcrop shown by the imagery as dipping rock strata and relating them to a VHR imagery-derived DEM. This data is then converted to dip and strike in a database file that is used to display dip symbols and amounts in ArcGIS.
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    By: Dr. Duncan Witts
  • 04.03.14

    DigitalGlobe's Expanding Constellation, Part II: A Deep Dive into the Technology Supporting Good, Better and Best Solutions for Open-Pit Mining

    This webinar provides an overview of how the DigitalGlobe constellation and WorldView-3's capabilities enable unique value for the mining industry by providing greater benefits to enable better decision making. This webinar also highlights solutions and in-depth technical aspects of SWIR capabilities, expected outcomes across exploration, reclamation and operations.
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    By: Bill Baugh
  • 03.19.14

    Near Real-Time Maritime Mapping Using VHR Optical Imagery

    The high resolution imagery and revisits offered by the latest VHR optical satellites provide information that is both timely and actionable to government agencies and commercial companies working in the maritime sector. European Space Imaging together with DigitalGlobe has been developing the use of VHR optical imagery in the maritime sector – this webinar demonstrates how imagery and value-added services have been implemented in: near real-time emergency mapping; vessel detection and identification; and monitoring of illegal activity (pollution, fisheries and border control).
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    By: Simon Casey