Upcoming Webinars

  • 08.29.17

    Announcing WorldView-4 Commercial Availability

    Learn about commercial products and features sourced from WorldView-4, our new industry leading Earth imaging satellite. With WorldView-4, customers can see even more of our ever-changing planet in the highest quality possible in the industry.
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    By: Deke Young | Senior Director of Product Management DigitalGlobe
  • 09.26.17

    Satellite Imagery Applications in the Mining Lifecycle

    AngloGold Ashanti’s own GIS Specialist, Miranda Wilson, joins us for a live webinar to share how her team is transforming operations with unprecedented accuracy and reliability.
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    By: Miranda Wilson | GIS Specialist AngloGold Ashanti

Past Webinars

  • 10.22.14

    Successfully Develop Large Scale Projects in Three Simple Steps

    TotalView is a leading Geoinformatics company in Greece that combines strong partnerships with satellite image & software providers and highly experienced and trained personnel in the fields of Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, GIS and software development. This webinar highlights how TotalView managed to escalate a customer need (1st step), to a pilot (2nd step) and finally to a large-scale project (3rd step).
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    By: Vana Giavi | TotalView Managing Director
  • 10.21.14

    Crowdsourcing Geospatial Big Data

    Every day, DigitalGlobe collects over 4 million sq km of high-resolution imagery, complete with super-spectral information. This creates an immense opportunity not only to see the globe but to understand it. Computer vision algorithms can locate every car, plane or baseball field, identify every building and map all the crops and minerals on the surface of the Earth. When the computers can’t figure it out, we turn to the crowd. In this webinar, you will learn about the DigitalGlobe Tomnod crowdsourcing platform – it combines the wisdom of millions of online volunteers to analyze trillions of pixels and respond to natural disasters, chart human conflict and search for missing people, boats and planes.
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    By: John Doe
  • 10.16.14

    Turning Complex Information into Intuitive, Understandable and Actionable Intelligence

    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in the hands of an expert who can provide context and intelligence, it is priceless. AllSource Analysis (ASA) leads the commercial imagery intelligence market with a suite of commercial, multi-source information and analytic products. Powered by DigitalGlobe's Image Partner Program as well as partnerships with the world's leading data resources and a network of analysts, ASA's expert team fuses unique content into actionable intelligence for critical decision-makers in energy, insurance, government, defense, humanitarian and financial industries.
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    By: Stephen Wood | AllSource Analysis Chief Executive Officer
  • 10.15.14

    Agriculture Application Using the DigitalGlobe Constellation

    This webinar presents use cases in agriculture segments - production agriculture, precision agriculture, food security, and land cadastre - and showcases how DigitalGlobe capabilities can help solve customer problems.
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    By: Dr. Kumar Navulur | Director, Research & Development
  • 10.14.14

    Exelis and DigitalGlobe: From Data to Decisions

    ENVI provides advanced image analytics, such as feature extraction, change detection, and material identification, for multiple data modalities including multispectral and hyperspectral imagery, LiDAR, RADAR, elevation data, and more. Listen to this webinar to learn what types of problems can be solved using DigitalGlobe imagery and ENVI analytics.
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    By: Patrick Collins, Exelis Technical Solutions Engineer
  • 10.08.14

    DigitalGlobe's Expanding Constellation: Part III - A Deep Dive into the Technology Supporting Good, Better and Best Solution for Oil & Gas

    This specialized technology and solutions webinar was developed specifically for oil and gas professionals. Learn how DigitalGlobe's advanced, very high-resolution constellation enables unique value for the oil and gas industry and how WorldView-3's capabilities provide greater benefits that enable better decision making. The session covers solutions and in-depth technical aspects of SWIR capabilities, in addition to highlighting expected outcomes across exploration, reclamation and operations.
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    By: Bill Baugh | DigitalGlobe, Research & Development Scientist
  • 10.07.14

    Life Beyond the Pixel: Geospatial Big Data

    What if you could not only see the world on a daily basis but also understand it? Geospatial Big Data converts millions of square kilometers of imagery to structured information that can be queried, indexed, and leveraged to provide deeper insight and understanding.
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    By: Dr. Shay Har-Noy | Senior Director, Geospatial Big Data
  • 09.26.14

    FirstLook: Be the First to Know

    FirstLook is an online subscription service for emergency management that provides fast, web-based access to pre- and post-event imagery of world disasters delivered to almost any desktop or web-based platform. DigitalGlobe's FirstLook service leverages our constellation of high-resolution satellites to rapidly task, process, and deliver relevant information to our online platform. FirstLook Plus integrates an additional layer of information to identify key features to aid responders by making analysis more efficient. Learn how DigitalGlobe leverages the power of crowdsourcing and machine learning to extract key features, as well as the most relevant pixels from imagery.
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    By: Glen Reese
  • 09.24.14

    DigitalGlobe's Expanding Constellation: Part II - A Deep Dive into the Technology Supporting Good, Better and Best Solution for Oil & Gas

    This webinar covers the specifics behind the addition of WorldView-3 to the DigitalGlobe constellation in providing best-in-class outcomes and enabling better decision making in the oil and gas industries.
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    By: Bill Baugh | DigitalGlobe, Research & Development Scientist
  • 09.24.14

    Vegetation Analysis in the Desert Using Satellite Imagery

    Proteus was asked to lead a team using WorldView-2 satellite imagery to inventory tree plantations. Image processing techniques were deployed using all eight WorldView-2 multispectral bands plus one panchromatic band, with an emphasis on the mid-infrared spectra. This multi-step processing was able to depict all trees greater than 1 square meter in size, and distinguish several tree species by their individual canopies. This project demonstrates the viability of using very high-resolution multispectral data to establish a baseline inventory of tree type and health within diverse forest plantations. This tree mapping technique can be applied to create forest inventories of other species elsewhere in the world.
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    By: Richard Flemmings, Proteus Project Manager