Upcoming Webinars

  • 08.29.17

    Announcing WorldView-4 Commercial Availability

    Learn about commercial products and features sourced from WorldView-4, our new industry leading Earth imaging satellite. With WorldView-4, customers can see even more of our ever-changing planet in the highest quality possible in the industry.
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    By: Deke Young | Senior Director of Product Management DigitalGlobe
  • 09.26.17

    Satellite Imagery Applications in the Mining Lifecycle

    AngloGold Ashanti’s own GIS Specialist, Miranda Wilson, joins us for a live webinar to share how her team is transforming operations with unprecedented accuracy and reliability.
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    By: Miranda Wilson | GIS Specialist AngloGold Ashanti

Past Webinars

  • 05.24.16

    Introduction to the DigitalGlobe Elevation Suite

    Imagery and elevation go together like Batman and Robin. With only one or the other, you only get a partial geospatial understanding of your area of interest. Join us for this webinar that will provide an overview of DigitalGlobe suite of elevation products, including those offered through our joint venture partner Vricon, to help you find the product that suits your organization.
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    By: Ryan Hamilton, Elevation Product Manager
  • 04.06.16

    Exploration, Mining and Environmental Applications of WorldView-3

    Global explorers rarely have opportunities to benefit from step changes in exploration technology but the newly-released WorldView-3 satellite data represents the most significant advance in geological remote sensing since the launch of ASTER in 1999.  Using a variety of mineral exploration examples, DigitalGlobe Information Partner Exploration Mapping Group will show WorldView-3 applications for precious metals, porphyry copper, aluminum and rare earth element exploration, mining and related environmental applications.
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    By: Dan Taranik, Managing Director, Exploration Mapping Group Inc
  • 01.15.16

    Global Event Security: Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Security

    Leverage the power and value of DigitalGlobe’s constellation, relationships, and information products for proactive event security planning.
    By: Drew Cassidy, Senior Geospatial Analyst and Amanda Marchetti, Manager, Product Marketing
  • 12.03.15

    Capitalize on WorldView-3 SWIR Data with ENVI

    There are a multitude of applications for WorldView-3 because of its ability to collect data from both the visible spectrum as well as the infrared spectrum. This webinar will highlight how the 8-bands of shortwave infrared (SWIR) information collected by WorldView-3 can be exploited using ENVI image analytics. Attend this webinar to learn how the combination of WorldView-3 and the large suite of spectral tools in ENVI provide customers with new, actionable information for things like vegetation and mineral analysis.
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    By: Matt Hallas, Technical Solutions Engineer – Harris Corporation
  • 10.28.15

    WorldView-3 for Property Evaluation, Operations and Geology

    Accessing the new SWIR information in WorldView-3 can be as simple choosing the proper Red-Green- Blue band composite for display. But, to best extract the unseen, or non-literal, information from WV-3 data, one must use spectral techniques that are more similar to hyperspectral methods than multispectral. This presentation will be a survey of early case studies, and demonstrate a range of methods that you can use immediately. The results enable improved decision making for natural resource, science, and business applications.
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    By: Bill Baugh, Research & Development Scientist
  • 10.20.15

    Three Ways to Improve Energy Security Using Geospatial Intelligence

    Man-made threats, compromises in your perimeter, changes in site terrain, and shifts in cultural sentiment all have the ability to put your energy assets, operation and reputation at considerable risk. Did you know you can minimize that risk with the same kind of geospatial intelligence that governments rely on every day? This webinar will highlight how geospatial intelligence can enable you to better protect your corporate assets, improve the safety of your people and reduce the risk of adverse events.
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    By: Jason Epperhart, Manager, Sales Engineering, Drew Cassidy, Senior Geospatial Analyst
  • 09.30.15

    Basemap 101: Identifying Appropriate Basemaps Based on Need

    If you rely on mapping data for your projects, you need it to be accurate and up-to-date, especially for high-value business decisions. But with so many available imagery basemap options to choose from, finding the right one that fits your needs and best supports your business decisions can be tricky—and your choice may have a huge impact on your bottom line. This webinar provides thoughtful insights on how to identify appropriate imagery basemaps that meet your specific business needs.
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    By: Brett Marraccini, DigitalGlobe Product Manager
  • 08.27.15

    Basemap 101: The Importance of Professional Grade Basemaps for Oil & Gas

    Basemaps are consistent, wide-area coverage maps that help you compile specialized data and provide content for your business decisions. With a variety of basemaps available – how do you know what is the best option for your business needs? Today’s webinar will highlight the 1) importance of having a professional grade basemap, how to avoid costly mistakes, how to choose the right basemap for your business needs and real world example of professional vs. standard basemaps.
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    By: Brett Marraccini, DigitalGlobe Product Manager
  • 08.04.15

    High-Resolution Imagery & Digital Elevation for Oil Shale Development

    The volatile nature of the energy markets demands companies to look inward to their operations and make wise decisions. Today’s webinar will focus on how to save significant costs by improving efficiencies using imagery and DEMs to reduce the timeline of site construction, reduce the cost of design and construction, and to improve efficiency and maximize profits.
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    By: Julie Parker, DigitalGlobe Vice-President Energy Solutions
  • 06.29.15

    How Will the Google Maps Changes Affect Your Workflow?

    In January 2016, access to Google Maps basemaps through Google Maps Engine will be discontinued. Listen to this webinar to learn: 1) what does this change mean to Google Maps engine users or anyone using Google Basemaps at work, 2) what options are available to access Google Maps within your existing workflow and 3) the difference between consumer and professional basemaps with specific examples.
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    By: Brett Marraccini, DigitalGlobe Product Manager