Case Studies

  • 09.13.17

    Remote Asset Monitoring

    Assessing and monitoring remote locations using DigitalGlobe solutions
  • 02.12.14

    DigitalGlobe imagery tracks environmental impact of mine

    Product solution for Bluecham/Thio Town Council.
  • 02.12.14

    An effective mapping solution for Australia’s pine plantations

    Product solution for Australia Pine Plantations.
  • 02.12.14

    DigitalGlobe imagery enables underwater reef mapping

    Product solution for NZ Coastal Mapping.
  • 08.06.13

    DigitalGlobe imagery key to bringing clean water to Malawians

    Production solution for Geoserve Malawi water projects.
  • 06.03.13

    Streamlining workflow at LSA associates

    LSA environmental and community planning decisions depend on high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery.
  • 06.03.13

    Safeguarding California communities

    Pipeline experts at PG&E use accurate and timely spatial information provided by DigitalGlobe's ImageConnect online imagery service.