Case Studies

  • 07.14.15

    Marine Services Agent

    Situated in the Auckland region and jutting north to the Pacific Ocean, the 4,000 square kilometer Hauraki Gulf is an important asset of the eastern coastline of New Zealand. From fisheries supporting the livelihood of indigenous peoples to the north to providing recreation opportunities for the urban population of Auckland, the Hauraki Gulf is central to the lives of a huge and varied population.
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  • 03.13.15

    WorldView-2 monitors Wadden Sea coastal change

    With nearly 50 percent of its landmass lying at or below sea level, the Netherlands lives up to the name “Low Country”. Bordered on the north and west by the North Sea, protecting the coastline from flooding is a top priority. With climate change and other human and environmental factors influencing sea levels, the Dutch government recently launched an extensive coastal protection initiative using satellite imagery to monitor coastal change.
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  • 06.14.13

    Record ten-day turnaround in Red Sea bathymetric study

    The Red Sea is a rich and diverse ecosystem, home to hundreds of unique species of fish and wildlife, and known for its many offshore coral reefs and atolls. The challenges of preserving the fragile ecosystem are many, including increasing amounts of desalinated water due to growing populations on the sea's coastline and the expansion of oil and power infrastructure.
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