Case Studies

  • 09.13.17

    Remote Asset Monitoring

    Assessing and monitoring remote locations using DigitalGlobe solutions
  • 04.01.15

    DigitalGlobe Imagery Helps Protect Farmland in Yunnan Province

    Yunnan Province, located in the far southwest in the People’s Republic of China, is both an important agricultural center and tourist destination. At times, these two industries conflict as farmers construct illegal residences after getting rich from tourism. To protect valuable farmland, the Yunnan Local Government relies on DigitalGlobe imagery to enforce land use regulations by detecting changes to the landscape.
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  • 11.19.14

    Satellite imagery helps agricultural development in the Philippines

    Although the most common association with the Philippines may be the industrialized cities of Manila and Quezon City, the country's economy is primarily driven by agriculture. The Department of Agriculture charged with policy development and providing support services for the industry, is now embarking on DigitalGlobe satellite imagery to assist in planning and decision making process.
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  • 08.06.13

    DigitalGlobe imagery helps optimize vineyard production

    Product solution for GMV precision viticulture.
  • 08.06.13

    DigitalGlobe imagery central to Madrid's green space planning

    Product solution for Indra and City Council of Madrid green project.
  • 08.06.13

    DigitalGlobe imagery assists UNHCR in tracking Sudanese refugees

    Product solution for Gisat/UNHCR.
  • 08.06.13

    DigitalGlobe satellite imagery aids WWF in habitat preservation study

    Product solution for Muncons WWF Romania.
  • 08.06.13

    DigitalGlobe imagery helps enforce property rights in Greece

    Product solution for TotalView/Greek Ministry of Environment.
  • 06.14.13

    Capturing Carapo Basin to study future resource development

    DigitalGlobe high-resolution satellite imagery was used in an extensive photogrammetry study of the Carapo Basin to help determine complex land management requirements.
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  • 06.14.13

    DigitalGlobe imagery helps La Paz plan for future growth

    DigitalGlobe's imagery helps urban planning efforts in La Paz, Bolivia.