Effective emergency planning and disaster response requires quick and easy access to accurate, up-to-date information. DigitalGlobe’s FirstLook is an online subscription service for emergency management that provides fast web-based access to pre- and post-event imagery of world disasters delivered to almost any desktop or web-based mapping platform. High-resolution and current satellite images provide the essential information required for emergency planning, risk assessment, monitoring of staging areas and crisis response, damage assessment, and recovery.

  • Features & benefits

    Monitor world events

    Remain informed and up-to-date on current events around the globe.

    Priority tasking

    Natural disasters, man-made disasters, political unrest, and human interest take precedence in image collection scenarios.

    Finished product

    Spend less time collecting, processing, and analyzing information, and more time making decisions.

    Fast access

    Online subscription service that provides fast, web-based access to pre- and post-event imagery of world disasters.

    Event duration

    Events are assigned different tiers based on the selection committee’s determination. Duration can be 10, 20 or 30 days, depending on region, AOI, and event impact.


    Connect through a suite of online services that sync directly with desktop and enterprise applications, smartphones, and handheld devices for fast, seamless access.

    Informed response

    Quickly identify high risk areas, monitor the nature and extent of damage, plan access and evacuation routes, and manage recovery and claims efforts.

    FirstLook messaging service

    Email and RSS notifications sent for event activations, details, and imagery availability.

  • Deliverables & delivery methods


    Insurance and Reinsurance
    Local and Central Governments
    Defense and Homeland Security
    Safety Agencies: Police, Fire, Ambulance, Forest Services
    Multinational and Humanitarian Agencies

    Industry Applications:
    Evacuation Planning
    Emergency Aid Planning
    Damage Assessment
    Insurance Assessment
    Risk Analysis

    Delivery methods

    Cloud Services:
    My DigitalGlobe
    Web Feature Service: WFS
    Web Map Service: WMS
    Web Map Tile Service: WMTS
    Web Coverage Service: WCS

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