From city planning to flood mapping, many industries require the use of high-resolution elevation models to complete projects. DigitalGlobe’s Advanced Elevation Series supports high accuracy digital surface modeling and digital terrain modeling that serve as key building blocks for successful exploration, engineering, land management, and simulation. AES allows users global access to customized models delivered directly to their desktops with numerous product configuration options for accuracy, resolution, type, and format.

  • Features & Benefits


    Advanced Elevation Series does not require specialized hardware, software, or staffing expertise to create and process elevation models, allowing more time for users to focus on core business functions.

    Global access

    Now customers can have access to global elevation data without local challenges, such as permitting or in-country presence. DigitalGlobe’s worldwide reach enables more efficient mapping of areas where getting a plane in the air or a team on the ground is too costly, time consuming, or unsafe.

    One stop shop

    Bundling DigitalGlobe’s Advanced Ortho imagery with the Advanced Elevation Series provides users with uniformity in quality and accuracy, as well as reduces vendor management costs.

    Optional processing

    DigitalGlobe has developed a number of additional processing options to enhance the Advanced Elevation Series. Whether the project involves hydro-enforcement, road-flattening, contours, or shaded relief, users can benefit from all of the additional processing as needed.

  • Specifications

    Product levels

    Mapping – DSM or DTM
    Precision – DSM or DTM
    Very High Precision – DSM or DTM

    Product Details

    Product Accuracy Mapping Precision Very High Precision
    Resolution 8 m 4 m 2 m
    Relative Vertical (LE90) 5 m 2 m 1 m
    Absolute Vertical (LE90) 8 m 4 m 2 m
    Relative Horizontal (CE90) 8 m 4 m 2 m
    Absolute Horizontal (CE90) 10 m 5 m 3 m


    32-bit signed floating GeoTiff file
    ISO 19115 metadata

    Delivery methods

    Media Delivery: External HD
    Web-Based Delivery: FTP

    Optional processing

    Hydro enforcement
    Road/linear feature flattening
    Shaded relief

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