DigitalGlobe constantly refines our daily operational policies to respond to your purchasing needs for earth imagery and related geospatial content and to comply with the guidelines of the US commercial high-resolution imagery industry. And we structure operations so that you can order our products easily and with confidence that you will receive what you ordered.

The following general policies apply to ordering and using DigitalGlobe products.

  • Policies


    DigitalGlobe grants licenses for the use of our high-resolution data. If you have questions as to how QuickBird and our aerial data may be used, please use the DigitalGlobe Inquiries Tool or contact Commercial Customer Support. Note that some third party data products have multi-use license pricing levels different from DigitalGlobe's multi-use pricing levels. Your Distributor can provide further details on multiple user license pricing levels.

    Credit & Billing

    When registering to become a DigitalGlobe customer, you will be asked to select your primary purchase method: Credit Card or Bill Me. When placing a credit card order, the credit card number will be taken at the time of each order. DigitalGlobe does not store credit card information. When placing a Bill Me order, you will be asked to provide credit information, such as financial data and reference contacts, so we may establish an account and credit limit. Orders are processed after credit is approved by DigitalGlobe. Your financial information will be kept on file.

    Product Turnaround Time

    Turnaround time to receive product varies depending on which product you order. In general, orders for archived DigitalGlobe imagery and off-the-shelf third party products have a faster turnaround than custom orders, such as tasking a DigitalGlobe satellite or custom processing of archive imagery or off-the-shelf products. When you initiate an order, your Distributor offers an estimated turnaround time and place the request with DigitalGlobe. We then determine the feasibility of your order and document the estimated delivery date of your order on the order confirmation we return. As soon as we receive your formal approval of the order confirmation form, fulfillment begins.


    We offer delivery service for both domestic and international destination. For domestic delivery, orders are shipped standard ground, two day air or overnight (one day). We select the most appropriate courier, depending on the method of delivery you choose. For international delivery, we select an appropriate international courier for the delivery area you specify. International delivery times are quoted on a case-by-case basis.


    Upon receipt of a customer-approved order confirmation form, DigitalGlobe begins fulfilling the order. Any order that is canceled after order fulfillment begins is subject to a cancellation fee. Please contact Customer Support for more details.

    Warranty & Returns

    For a period of thirty (30) days, DigitalGlobe warrants that the products delivered by DigitalGlobe will be the area of interest ordered and the original media DigitalGlobe used to carry the data will be free from physical or material defects. Please see our Return Policy for more details.

    Social Media Comments

    DigitalGlobe has a presence on a number of social media platforms. User-submitted comments may be available depending on the platform. For all platforms and options for comments, our comment policy remains the same.
    User-submitted comments represent the thoughts and opinions of the individual publishing the comment and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of or endorsement by DigitalGlobe. However, if a comment does not adhere to this comment policy or to the below terms and conditions of the site, DigitalGlobe reserves the right to remove the comment without prior notice.
    Where comments are welcomed, we encourage users to use the feature to share their thoughts, questions, and opinions. However, comments that do not adhere to the following guidelines will be subject to deletion:
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