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Advanced commercial capabilities for dynamic challenges and emerging threats

Our mission is supporting your mission

Agencies across the U.S. Government rely on timely, comprehensive, and shareable geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) from DigitalGlobe to enrich classified resources.

Whether it’s timely high-resolution imagery or derived information, DigitalGlobe’s mission-optimized systems and team of USG experts deliver. Owning and operating our own satellite constellation, processing capabilities, and delivery mechanisms allows us to innovate and adapt to meet evolving user needs quickly and affordably.

"The speed with which imagery requests could be fulfilled was great, the fidelity was great, and the imagery was very up to date. Coalition partners would not have had access to imagery without this capability. It was the only viable method to obtain current, accurate imagery...”

-Brigadier General Charles L. Moore, Jr.

EnhancedView Web-Hosting Services

Immediate, web-based access to the highest quality commercial satellite imagery and on-demand automated analytics exclusively for U.S. Government personnel

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Mission-critical quality and quantity

With the most sophisticated commercial satellite constellation in orbit, DigitalGlobe’s first-in-class technology gives you confidence when making the decisions that matter most.

Most complete archive

Our 19-year, 100+ petabyte time-lapse Earth image library covers every inch of the globe

Highest resolution

The highest commercial resolution 30 cm Earth imagery for a clearer picture and more actionable information of conditions on the ground

Highest accuracy

Best-in-class geolocation accuracy for data and analysis you can trust

raw image raw image

Most spectral depth

Capabilities beyond the visible spectrum (including SWIR and VNIR bands) for insights the human eye can’t see

The right data for more detailed situational awareness and actionable intelligence

"DigitalGlobe imagery is critical to providing situational awareness and geospatial analysis support to our 18 Air Force mobility partners."

-United States Air Force user

Emergency response

Plan and deploy resources more effectively with comprehensive insight

Military operation

Gain a tactical advantage by anticipating and adapting to changes in operational environments


Train like we fight, practicing maneuvers with current information share-able with multi-national partners

National security

Monitor rapidly changing conditions around the world

Security planning

Protect the world’s highest profile international events

Partnering for future success

Top global businesses and more than 40 governments tap into DigitalGlobe for answers that power innovative solutions and help them solve their most difficult challenges.

Advancing capabilities

We’re expediting acquisition, aggregation, and analysis for faster, more confident reporting and decision making.

Expanding capacity

We’re expanding our imagery collection capacity by investing in new constellations to meet evolving GEOINT demands.

Automating analytics

As an industry leader in emerging automated methods, we’re empowering customers to make sense of the growing volume of geospatial data.

Geospatial solutions

Where do you need the most support? Gain secure access to data, specific information layers, or a platform for advanced analytics—all from one proven partner.


Exclusive web-based access to the highest quality commercial satellite imagery

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Building Footprints

Precision, analyst-ready building footprint polygons for expedited analysis

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Platform of analytics tools for extracting meaningful insights at scale from DigitalGlobe imagery

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