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Strategic innovation for a connected world

With a new era in connectivity, geospatial intelligence is a critical component in building 5G networks and fueling IoT solutions on a global scale.

Addressing growing capacity needs, signal sensitivities, and rapid urban growth demands more than traditional (often outdated) geodata. Whether you need a turn-key data solution or the material to build data on-demand, DigitalGlobe content and tools deliver the resolution, currency, and scalability required of next-generation network planning.

Prepare for next-generation connectivity

Wireless Network Planning

Improve propagation models with advanced, off-the-shelf geodata, or access resources to build your own datasets, identify areas of changes, and streamline your workflow.

IoT Solutions

Integrate IoT sensor data and networks with geospatial or remote sensing data to power technology that brings location intelligence to end users.

Foundational GIS data

Leverage foundational layers, such as building footprints or satellite imagery for GIS work associated with network buildouts, over urban or remote areas.

A partner for innovative solutions

From wireless network planning to novel IoT solutions, DigitalGlobe is the trusted geospatial partner for the world’s leading telecommunications companies.


As the imagery source, we can access and process imagery faster—helping you get to work sooner.


Our constellation collects about 3 million sq km each day, increasing the availability of fresh geodata that reflects current ground conditions.

Resolution & Accuracy

Industry-leading 30 cm resolution leads to more accurate results, reducing cost and time associated with iteration.


A robust analytics platform empowers you to identify features, extract information, and build your own unique data solutions based on your proprietary requirements.

Relevant products

Get started with clutter height data or a full 3D telco data bundle, tailored to fit your focus.

Clutter height data

Recommended for large areas with small cell and macro cell deployment needs

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Telco data bundle

Recommended for dense areas with small cell deployment needs

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Harness the power of machine learning GBDX platform, utilizing our 19-year, 100+ petabyte image archive.

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Explore advanced geodata to see how better data can help you maintain your advantage.

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