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Defense & Intelligence Programs

Mission-critical geospatial intelligence capabilities

Countering national security challenges

Confronted with heightened national security challenges, military and intelligence organizations must source, ingest, process and analyze more data than ever before, amid ever-shortening timeframes. Frequently, existing methods present both resource and technology hurdles that cost time, money, and potentially lives.

Simplified access to actionable geospatial intelligence (GEOINT)

Counter today's intelligence challenges with DigitalGlobe's commercial GEOINT solutions and expertise. More than 40 governments and global organizations have partnered with us to modernize their intelligence programs, successfully addressing complex strategic and tactical requirements.

Mission-critical advantages

Superior image quality enhances your ability to successfully execute mission requirements and help you make the right decisions with confidence.

  • Highest commercial resolution—up to 30 cm—and highest spectral diversity for more information and critical insight
  • Unprecedented daily collection capacity and agility to maximize efficiency and increase situational awareness
  • Highest commercial accuracy for more effective planning and mission success
  • World's largest image library - 19-year, 100+ petabytes of high-resolution global imagery for rich geospatial context
  • Highest spectral diversity—up to 16 bands—for advanced applications and analysis

Superior intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities to solve national security challenges.


Crimes against humanity, insurgency, and terrorism


Border security, treaty verification, criminal activity, and maritime domain awareness


Critical infrastructure and military activity


Border security, treaty verification, criminal activity, and maritime domain awareness


Order of battle, mapping, disaster, force protection, exercises, direct action


Bomb & battle damage, critical infrastructure, and military strength


Humanitarian and disaster response (HADR)

Critical decisions require the highest quality information

Our industry-leading resolution enables increased situational awareness, superior planning, technical assessments, and actionable intelligence.

International Defense & Intelligence solutions


Secure access to the highest quality online library of high-resolution satellite imagery spanning the globe.

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Rapid Access Program

Online access to a virtual ground system gives you control of imagery collections for time sensitive missions.

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Direct Access Program

Your own ground station enables direct satellite tasking for real-time imagery acquisition and downlink.

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Elevation Suite

Leverage immersive 3D data for superior situational awareness, mission planning, rehearsal, and decision support.

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Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR)

See the unseen using SWIR imagery to rapidly and confidently find, identify, and assess features on the ground.

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