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Geospatial intelligence is critical to the successful exploitation of new global energy sources. Find hidden opportunities first, know which sites are most promising, and make decisions quickly. With access to imagery of your areas of interest, you can track changes and trends over time. Work with complete, accurate data that can be shared with desktop workflows across your project team. Turn rapid insight into your competitive advantage.

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Reduce time between site planning and drilling

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Drilling projects need to be well planned.

Unconventional drilling programs can have hundreds of wells, requiring teams of specialists to perform feasibility studies in order to define the optimal construction plan for a field.

DigitalGlobe's geospatial data and information enable these teams to more efficiently plan, construct, and place pads so they can drill wells faster and more profitably.

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Data management and analysis for oil & gas operators

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Geospatial data management and analysis can be the difference between success and failure for an oil and gas operation.

Managers need an accurate operational context in order to make good decisions. Information to help understand the rapidly changing operating environment during a crisis is key. And understanding the effects that those activities may be having on the environment, surface, and subsurface is critically important.

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By combining multi-source geospatial data and analysis, operators receive actionable insights so that they can understand and act upon change in near-real time.

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DigitalGlobe is focused on and committed to continuously improving the quality of our customer solutions and customer experience.

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Spatial on Demand

Spatial on Demand integrates vast archives of geospatial data from satellites, aerial photos, topographic maps, and DEMs into the largest energy-specific online database available anywhere.

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