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Accuracy matters when your mobile app is based on location search features. And with the explosion of local search, up-to-date maps are more important than ever. Our high-resolution satellite imagery delivers the highest positional accuracy in the industry. You get vivid global coverage – including 500 of the world’s largest cities – and a refresh rate that ensures you have the most current data available.

Deliver the clearest view of the earth

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Successful companies competing in the consumer-facing social/mobile/location space need to maximize user retention and engagement.

Piecing together a patchwork of datasets from disparate sources can lead to frustration and customer attrition.

DigitalGlobe's high-resolution satellite imagery provides your users with the most clear, consistent, and complete perspective of the world.

With the highest quality and most current imagery, you are able to bring value to your users, ultimately creating better user experiences, longer engagement times, and increased revenues.

Optimize customer experience by optimizing the integrity of your maps

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Users expect the most up-to-date imagery in the apps they use in the social/mobile/location space.

It can be difficult to keep your maps up-to-date when community development moves at such a rapid pace.

High-resolution satellite imagery is a next-generation maintenance tool that can identify ground-truth changes such as buildings, roads, residential, and commercial development so you can act on those changes in an efficient, targeted, and cost effective manner.

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Gain a business edge

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Location-based analytics are increasingly important in understanding key business metrics, competitive dynamics, new market opportunities, and maximizing revenues.

Current technologies have many shortcomings in providing a comprehensive picture of location-based analytics.

DigitalGlobe's analytics — derived from high-resolution satellite imagery — provide a business edge by giving you up to date, geographically relevant, and highly accurate information that facilitates and supports better and more timely business decisions.

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Map hard-to-reach locations around the globe

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There is value in mapping the entire globe.

There are numerous places around the world that can be extremely challenging to map with on-the-ground or aerial assets due to either limited physical access or safety concerns.

High-resolution satellite imagery makes it practical for you to create maps for anywhere in the world, in a cost efficient way, and without having to worry about access or the safety of your resources on the ground.

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