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We live in an age of unprecedented challenges to our world and opportunities to safeguard it. Our growing needs for food, water, and energy are driving a rapidly changing global dynamic upon which natural diversity, human health, and prosperity depend. When it comes to improving lives around the world, DigitalGlobe provides you with a unique opportunity to address the key global challenges of our time.

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Create and maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can co-exist sustainably

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A healthy environment can contribute to the overall health of communities.

The current pace of human activity and development is dramatic and putting pressure on the natural balance.

High-resolution satellite imagery and analytics can advance the ability of companies, governments, and communities to make better decisions about how and where to responsibly develop/harvest natural resources.

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In time, we can create a balanced existence ensuring we will have food, water, and resources to enrich our lives for generations to come.

Rebuild and restore livelihood after natural disasters and civil conflicts

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We live in a changing and, at times, a dangerous world.

Years of civil unrest and extreme weather can ravage a country's infrastructure, resulting in limited access to basic needs and services.

High-resolution satellite imagery provides you with monitoring and evaluation capabilities in order to demonstrate the result of both action and inaction.

Toggle the options below to see the growth of Kenyan refugee camps over the span of their civil war.

Promoting cleaner air and living conditions

DigitalGlobe partners with World Resources Institute for Global Forest Watch, an initiative to identify and track illegal palm oil fires, which produce a toxic haze that harms the environment and threatens human health throughout southeast Asia. The effort has led to tangible results, including government action to improve air quality and create safer, healthier conditions for those in the region.

Palm Oil Fires - Pak Koni

Increase productivity, profitability, and sustainability of agriculture

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Obtaining food and nutrition security is something all people need and deserve.

Today, the majority of African smallholder farmers depend on growing their own crops as the primary source of their livelihood. Yet they often produce barely enough output for their families to survive the year.

High-resolution satellite imagery and derived information can enable farmers to better understand the health of their crops, allowing them to take steps to increase productivity or overall yield.

Drag the slide to see how multispectral imagery can reveal additional data about crop's health.


Ensure safe working conditions and fair wages

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All people deserve a safe work environment and to be fairly compensated for their time and effort.

Despite international laws requiring certain working standards and wages, labor relations between workers and their employers in developing countries can be harsh and unethical.

DigitalGlobe's high-resolution satellite imagery and analytics can help identify sites that may demonstrate inadequate labor practices so that government agencies can free exploited laborers, demand fair wages, and increase the safety of working conditions.

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