Defense & Intelligence

DigitalGlobe’s Defense & Intelligence (D&I) Programs provide foreign military and
intelligence organizations superior geospatial intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
capabilities to solve national security challenges.

Your mission success is our team’s mission

Counter today’s intelligence challenges using our geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) solutions and expertise. The D&I Programs team is dedicated to enabling defense and intelligence organizations’ success with superior, accessible, decision-ready, and actionable GEOINT.

For defense and intelligence operations, it’s more than pixels—it’s information, insight, technology, and programs that address complex strategic and tactical requirements.

Mission-critical advantages

Superior image quality and actionable intelligence value per pixel enhance your abilities to successfully execute mission requirements and help you make the right decisions with confidence.

  • Highest commercial resolution —up to 30 cm— for more information content and critical insight
  • Unprecedented daily collection capacity and agility to maximize efficiency and increase situational awareness
  • Frequent access for more ground truth within short timelines
  • Precision accuracy for unrivaled location information
  • Highest spectral diversity for advanced applications & analysis

Advanced capabilities

Access, integrate, or downlink secure, timely, and accurate information into your operational environments and workflows. Our range of trusted and proven GEOINT solutions are used by defense and intelligence customers around the globe.

Planning, Assessing, Responding

Order of Battle. Mapping. Force Protection. Bomb & Battle Damage. Critical Infrastructure Assessment. Mission Planning. Humanitarian and Disaster Response (HADR).


Crimes against humanity, insurgency, and terrorism


Border security, treaty verification, criminal activity, and maritime domain awareness


Critical infrastructure, and military activity


Terrorism, narcotics, denial & deception, weapons proliferation, and insurgency

Critical decisions require the highest quality information


With historical and current imagery from DigitalGlobe, leverage industry leading resolution and accuracy for unrivaled situational awareness.


With a clearer picture of the ground, you can make critical decisions with confidence.


The most sophisticated commercial imaging capabilities provide the foundation for deeper insight, increased situational awareness, superior planning, and more actionable intelligence.

Defense & Intelligence Solutions


Rapidly access the world’s largest and highest quality online library of high-resolution satellite imagery to address immediate mission requirements: more than 1.3M sq km of new imagery available daily with a 16-year time-lapse archive.

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Rapid Access Program

When your mission requires time sensitive collections, high-resolution imagery, and demanding imaging constraints, take control with Rapid Access Program; images are processed and delivered less than 6 hours after acquisition.

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Direct Access Program

Participate in the elite commercial GEOINT program for direct tasking of the most advanced high-resolution commercial satellites. With the Direct Access Program, you control the data collections to support mission requirements with real-time acquisitions and downlink.

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Elevation Suite

Leverage immersive 3D data for decision support. Enable mission planning and rehearsal in accurate and photorealistic environments and ensure superior situational awareness throughout the engagement.

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Start your metro- or country-scale analysis with current, accurate, and complete human geography information surveys uniquely enriched with open source data and technology.

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Situation Reports

DigitalGlobe Situation Reports (SitReps) highlight DigitalGlobe imagery of current geopolitical and other events of interest to the global defense and intelligence community. Imagery is annotated with open-source information for a high-level situational assessment.

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